Marshall Goldsmith’s continuing Take Five collaboration with The Stone Register highlights the evolution of personal and professional mindfulness in the corporate domain.

NEW YORK, NY, November 16, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the realm of business, where the drive for excellence is unyielding, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith stands out. A distinguished Executive Coach and bestselling author, he has masterfully unraveled corporate enigmas across books, online forums, TV, and beyond. Yet, in the last three years, his Take Five series has quietly showcased the immense power of succinct insights, proving that even brief articles can resonate as deeply as iconic masterpieces like What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Triggers, and more recently, The Earned Life. It’s this very genius of Marshall Goldsmith that captivates and guides countless individuals worldwide.

Presenting the fourth edition in the esteemed Take Five series, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, in partnership with The Stone Register (“TSR”), offers another gem for readers worldwide. His latest unearthed masterpiece, “Two Great Questions: Achieving Mindfulness and Finding Peace,” delves deep into the intricate challenges transitioning CEOs confront. Amidst the glamour of success, many grapple with the label of “the former CEO.” Yet, true contentment post-retirement hinges on values like happiness and meaning. Dr. Goldsmith illuminates this through the journey of Harry Kraemer, former CEO of Baxter International, Inc. Having entered retirement gracefully, Harry’s life underscores the ethos of living in the present and embracing mindfulness while asking two important questions. Marshall Goldsmith explores the answers to both of them.

“It’s an honor to share these revelations with you,” explains Dr. Goldsmith. “Through this piece, I intend to highlight the nexus between success, happiness, and purpose. It is the current joy and meaning one extracts from endeavors that truly count.”

Take Five is best described as a distinguished series of rare, original articles penned by Marshall Goldsmith, introduced sequentially to a growing audience. Conceived during the 2020 pandemic by Dr. Goldsmith and New York business leader, S.W. Miliano, the initiative sought to release five unique pieces of work. Most of them are previously unpublished and all of them rare. The series garnered immediate acclaim with its inaugural piece, “When Do You Eat the Marshmallow?”, followed by significant entries such as “The Best Advice I Ever Received” and “Do You Want to Be Mindful?”. The latter complemented Goldsmith’s 2022 bestseller, The Earned Life, and by extension, its 2023 biographical film adaptation of the same name. Since then, Dr. Goldsmith has enjoyed a whirlwind of new acclaim for these works, most recently for his latest book Becoming Coachable, co-authored with Scott Osman and Jacquelyn Lane.

“People are still searching for direction and purpose in these challenging times,” says S.W. Miliano, Managing Director and Co-Founder of The Stone Register, Goldsmith’s collaborator on the venture. “As usual, Marshall’s new Take Five article offers timely wisdom and guidance. We believe it will light the way for many, showing them a clearer path ahead.”

Dr. Goldsmith and Mr. Miliano are recognized authorities in their individual domains and are respected figures within the broader business landscape. Their expertise has not gone unnoticed, with both having been featured and quoted extensively in Forbes among other prominent media outlets. When discussing industry leaders, these two certainly fit the bill. Their professional journey, spanning several years of agency-advertiser collaborations, reached a pivotal moment of inspiration around the concept of making a difference, leading to the inception of the Take Five series — and the success has been immeasurable.

Dr. Goldsmith adds: “I’m excited to share the fourth installment of Take Five with our combined readers and followers. This piece, which highlights two essential questions, is especially close to my heart, as is its subject, Harry Kraemer. I hope it offers you the same comfort and guidance that it has for me. Here’s to finding new inspiration in fresh and exciting ways! Life is good!”

Following the success of the series’ previous articles “When Do You Eat the Marshmallow?”, “The Best Advice I Ever Received”, and “Do You Want to Be Mindful?”, Dr. Goldsmith and The Stone Register are excited to unveil the next eagerly anticipated part of the Take Five series. Introducing “Two Great Questions: Achieving Mindfulness and Finding Peace”:

Two Great Questions: Achieving Mindfulness and Finding Peace
By Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to facilitate eight two-day sessions with transitioning CEOs on the topic of ‘Creating a Great Rest of Your Life’.

It is not necessarily easy to go from being a CEO to being something else!

The leaders in these sessions are all amazingly successful from a socio-economic perspective. They have achieved what most people can only dream of in terms of prestige and ability to impact the world. If they are not careful though, they can live out the rest of their lives being defined as a ‘used to be’. They are frequently introduced as ‘the former CEO.’

As we reflect upon the topic of creating a great new life, we often end up discussing how ‘success’ can be defined at a deeper level… Continue Reading Here — And Don’t Forget to Subscribe to the Series!

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