‘Ensuring every client’s business records significant growth’

Los Angeles, California: To further cater for social media clients, an E-Commerce Development/Consulting Business has just kicked off. Joel Contartese the CEO of the business outfit has got a knack in digital/social marketing, partnership, brand strategy/Management, and content creation. He is very fluent in English and Spanish Languages and has distinguished himself in business as a leader and motivator who is adaptable, relentless and optimistic.

As a business initiator, Joel Contartese is concerned about learning more about his industry and profession as well as the growth of organizations, brands and companies he is affiliated with. He is also keen at educating budding entrepreneurs who are ready to further develop their business skills and expertise.

Over the years, Contartese has been responsible for the Growth of Instagram accounts of Shredz & all affiliated company accounts. He is also responsible for the growth behind FlavorGod, SkinnyBunnyTea, SkinnyBikini, and our ceo’s personal account ArvinsWorld. While at SHREDZ, Contartese also managed a network of 25 non-branded accounts which generated upwards of 200-300 thousand dollars per month for a different company.

In over 2 decades, Joel has been zealous about business and while on duty he exudes professionalism, craftsmanship and diligence. These rare attributes of his have endeared him to all and sundry. That is why encomiums from previous business partners all over the world never seizes to stop.

More about Joel Contartese

Joel’s commitment in ensuring he is the best at what he does has brought him thus far. At age 17, he built his first business and was able to net $75,000 per year. At age 22, he built a social media marketing business and drove it to $500,000 in gross revenue per year. Joel’s love for e-commerce brand, led him to efficiently manage a 6 million dollar yearly marketing budget. At a later age Joel led all digital/social marketing and partnership efforts resulting in a 2.5 to 1 return and a decrease in spend of 9% month over month while raising revenue of 18% month over month. A feat a few individuals can achieve.Joel longs to put all of his expertise to use, and learn more by working with diverse clients and helping them achieve social media success. What gladdens Joel’s heart is his ability to bring a change in the lives of many through his hard work and service.

To discuss business opportunities do contact Joel Contartese on [email protected] and website is http://Joelcontartese.com/

Joel can also be connected with on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.