LOS ANGELES, CA, November 17, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Two time international best selling author, Dr. Robert J. Newton, is happy announce the release of his two new books, including “In the Shadow of a Master: The Unknown Chronicles of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene,” released 12-24-19 and “In Search of the Elusive Mary Magdalene,” to be released on Amazon/Kindle on 11-20-23.

In writing “In the Shadow of a Master,” Dr. Newton used ancient texts from 5100 years ago, from India and Tibet forecasting a messiah and a son of God would arrive in India 3000 years later. He conveys this book in a compelling story, from the perspective of Jesus’ closest disciple, creating an intimate portrayal of Jesus. This book has several five star reviews.

In “In Search of the Real Mary Magdalene,” is a sequel to “In the Shadow of a Master’ and has received advance praise. This story is based on a lot of information from Gnostic Christian gospels, heretofore ignored the Christian religions and their clergy. It is also based information from two verified trance channels, Edgar Cayce and Rudolph Steiner, regarding past lives of Mary Magdalene. This story is told from the perspective of Mary Magdalene’s closest friend and confidant, who reveals the inner thoughts of Mary Magdalene.

Dr. Newton is a veteran blog talk radio/TV host and is available for interviews from any and all media @ 714 296 2328 or email: [email protected] facebook:

Harmonic Environments by Dr. Robert J. Newton is a landscaping and consulting company, a publishing house, “Beyond the Bounds of Earth Publishing, Education, and Entertainment.

Harmonic Environments is a multiple award winning landscape and design company specializing in low water landscapes, water scapes, and stone masonry. “Beyond the Bounds of Earth Publishing has published 13 books, by Dr. Newton and created two finished screen plays, one in preproduction.

Dr. Newton has a B.A. in Speech, English, and Drama, a J.D. in Law, and an N.D. in natural medicine and 10 certifications in alternative healing. He is a 3rd degree Asclepiad and initiated into the highest levels of Kriya Kundalini Yoga, from which he teaches weekend workshops involving structured meditations and extended breathing meditations that increase one’s peacefulness, learning abilities, psychic abilities, kundalinii, and health and life extension @ Dr. Newton also does psychic readings and readings using the linguistic arithmetic of Gematria, that allows greater meaning to the words of any language.

Harmonic Environments also creates and sells non precious and precious minerals, plain or accompanied with wire wrapping to facilitate the wearing of a pendant.

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