Los Angeles, CA, June 21, 2017 –(PR.com)– SpareMommy.com announces launch of their new parenting service agency. Spare Mommies pick up a client's children from school, take to activities, take home and make meals, and also provide tutoring and homework support at a grade-appropriate level.

Each Spare Mommy is a credentialed teacher and has been extensively vetted through the DOJ, FBI, DMV and other methodology to assure the best Spare Mommies for your children. This unique service is the only of its kind, which unlike nanny web sites, provides boutique, hands-on services for you and your family. Spare Mommies have also been selected for children with Special Needs as well as abilities to teach music and specialized activities at home.

As a parent, your child or children will no longer linger in time-wasting after-school programs, or go home alone. Spare Mommies are not nannies or babysitters. Spare Mommies are qualified teachers who'd do exactly what you'd do if you could.

If you need to get away for more than a few hours, the Spare Mommy would stay with your children 24/7, take them to school, activities, make meals and teach them. During the summer session, the Spare Mommy can also teach for the next grade, art, music or other qualified activities.

"SpareMommy provides an innovative solution to a problem that every working family encounters," says one of the founders Kristen Gunn. "We're providing an exceptional level of care using credentialed teachers."

Shary Nassimi, also one of the founders of SpareMommy.com states, "We recognize that working families juggle schedules everyday seeking to balance their work demands and their children's needs. Not with a baby sitter, but with someone at the same level as they would be."

SpareMommy.com is located in Los Angeles and presently serves the greater Los Angeles area. Other cities will be added with the growth of certified Spare Mommies.

For more information, to apply for or seek a Spare Mommy visit www.SpareMommy.com.

Media contact: Shary Nassimi, [email protected], 360-241-9090

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