Nationally Recognized Attorneys From the Murdaugh Financial Crimes Emphasize the Importance of Trust in Legal Representation

CHARLESTON, SC, May 03, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — As businesses increasingly depend on legal representation to navigate complexities, 2024 marks a pivotal year for business leaders to proactively consider and address the critical issue of legal malpractice. Bland Richter Law Firm, spearheaded by Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter, advocates for heightened awareness of legal malpractice. “Trust is the cornerstone of the attorney-client relationship. When that trust is broken, the consequences are profound” states co-founder Ronnie Richter.

What Is Legal Malpractice?
Legal malpractice occurs when an attorney’s representation falls below the accepted standard of professional conduct. Attorney Eric Bland emphasizes that while lawyers aren’t expected to be perfect, they must provide representation on par with a reasonably competent attorney in similar circumstances. He states, “When you hire a lawyer, it’s more than a professional relationship; it’s a commitment to trust and competence. Understanding the obligations your attorney has towards you is crucial. Trust is at the heart of everything.”

Top 6 Reasons Business Leaders Might Have a Legal Malpractice Case

1.) Lack of Business Competency on a Subject Matter
Business leaders entrust their legal representatives with a responsibility to possess a certain level of expertise and proficiency in the relevant field. The absence of such competence can lead to a breach in the commitment of trust and proficiency inherent in the attorney-client relationship. For business leaders, recognizing and addressing instances where legal professionals lack the necessary competency becomes paramount in safeguarding their interests and avoiding potential pitfalls associated with inadequate legal performance.

2.) Communication Breakdowns:
Business leaders should be alert to instances of communication breakdowns with legal representatives. Emphasizing the significance of open and transparent communication, this red flag underscores the need for seamless alignment between business objectives and legal strategies.

3.) Missed Deadlines and Oversights:
It is crucial for business leaders to assess potential risks associated with missed deadlines or oversights in legal proceedings. Scrutinizing timelines becomes imperative to ensure that all necessary actions have been taken, thereby avoiding potential legal malpractice pitfalls resulting from overlooked details.

4.) Conflict of Interest:
A vigilant examination of potential conflicts of interest is essential for safeguarding legal representation. Business leaders are encouraged to promptly identify and address any conflicts, aiming to preserve and prioritize the best interests of the business amid legal complexities.

5.) Inadequate Legal Advice:
Reflecting on the quality and adequacy of legal advice is fundamental for business leaders. Thoroughly reviewing legal counsel’s recommendations ensures a comprehensive understanding of their relevance and effectiveness in meeting business objectives, fostering informed decision-making.

6.) Financial Mismanagement:
In light of Bland and Richter’s historic success in the Murdaugh verdict, recovering millions for their clients, business leaders must scrutinize any unexpected financial ramifications stemming from legal proceedings. This involves maintaining a keen awareness of the potential financial implications of legal actions, with an emphasis on transparency and accountability to navigate the financial aspects of legal malpractice effectively.

Next Steps for Business Leaders:
In the event of concerns about legal malpractice, consider the following steps:

1.) Thorough Documentation and Preservation of Evidence:
In the event of suspected legal malpractice, it is imperative to meticulously document and preserve all relevant evidence. This encompasses a comprehensive record of communication, including emails and correspondence, legal documents, and any other pertinent materials that contribute to building a robust case.

2.) Engagement of Independent Legal Counsel:
To ensure an unbiased assessment of the case, it is advised to enlist the services of independent legal counsel. Seeking objective perspectives from legal experts not associated with the case is crucial in evaluating the validity and strength of legal malpractice claims.

3.) Open Communication with Current Legal Representation:
Addressing concerns openly and directly with current legal representation is a key step in resolving potential misunderstandings. Fostering a transparent dialogue allows for a thorough examination of issues and facilitates the exploration of possible resolutions before escalating the matter.

4.) Exploration of Alternative Dispute Resolution:
Efficient and cost-effective resolution of legal malpractice issues can be achieved through alternative dispute resolution methods. Business leaders are encouraged to explore options such as mediation or arbitration, providing a more expedited and collaborative approach to addressing concerns.

5.) Consideration of Legal Malpractice Lawsuit:
In cases where legal malpractice claims warrant serious consideration, it is advised to make informed decisions based on the severity and validity of the claims. Business leaders should weigh the potential impact and consequences before pursuing a legal malpractice lawsuit, ensuring a strategic and well-founded approach to seeking redress.

“In today’s dynamic business landscape, understanding and addressing legal malpractice concerns is pivotal for long-term success. Our guidance aims to empower business leaders with the insights they need to navigate these complexities and safeguard their interests,” said Bland.

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