Proposing abroad or considering it? Centrestone’s experts emphasize the need for couples to invest in engagement ring insurance.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, August 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today, with many couples proposing and getting married abroad, the experts at Centrestone Jewellery Insurance advise couples to secure engagement ring insurance before traveling overseas to pop the question. Proposing in an exotic international locale creates an unforgettable moment, but there are higher risks of theft or loss. Carrying such a sentimental asset abroad warrants proper coverage in case the worst happens. Insurance protects this often-large financial investment and helps replace irreplaceable rings.

According to jewellery insurance experts, this type of coverage provides financial protection if prized possessions such as engagement rings or necklaces are lost, stolen, or damaged. Policies cover replacement or repair costs based on the appraised current value of the jewelry pieces.

Higher-value items have higher insurance costs, but the policies give peace of mind that cherished jewelry receives comprehensive protection. Jewelry insurance can be purchased separately, which is what most experts recommend, especially for couples proposing abroad.

Experts also recommend couples get a diamond certificate or their ring’s grading report. If needed, the jewellery should be reappraised. If anything, taking the right steps ensures that you are financially secured by the insurer in the event of the unthinkable. That’s where buying insurance from a specialist company like Australia’s Centerstone Jewellery guarantees peace of mind across many different policy types.

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“An engagement ring represents one of the most emotionally priceless investments a couple will make in their lifetime together. Yet it also carries significant financial value. We strongly advise our customers to invest a little extra in a proper jewelry policy to safeguard their cherished rings or other fine pieces.” Said a representative for Centrestone Jewellery Insurance.

She added, “Small, affordable premiums lead to invaluable peace of mind, knowing you can replace a lost or damaged ring and not lose the memories it represents.”

About Centrestone Jewellery Insurance

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is Australia’s leading specialty insurer protecting engagement rings, wedding rings, and other fine jewelry. As the name conveys, Centrestone places the customer’s most treasured pieces at the center of their insurance offering. The insurer provides comprehensive worldwide coverage against damage, loss, or theft of insured jewelry regardless of location. Centrestone policies cover items when traveling abroad or away from home so that cherished pieces can be comfortably worn daily. The company aims to give Australian couples and luxury watch owners peace of mind knowing their sentimental and valuable assets are always protected.

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