Ted Jenkin is a Serial Entrepreneur and the CEO of oXYGen Financial

ATLANTA, GA, September 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Atlanta based Roots Investment Community, a growing leader in the mission to provide renters the ability to earn equity and achieve a path to home ownership, is pleased to announce its newest board member, Ted Jenkin.

Serial Entrepreneur Ted Jenkin is the CEO of oXYGen Financial which manages more than $2 billion dollars of client assets. Jenkin is an expert on business and personal finance appearing regularly on national broadcasts including Fox News, CNN Headline News, Scripps, News Nation, and CNBC. He is the Amazon best selling author of The 21 Day Budget Cleanse and the host of The Roadmap on America’s Small Business Network. He has six advanced designations from the College for Financial Planning and is a graduate of Boston College.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help millions of American renters get equity while they rent a home or an apartment. With the challenges in wealth inequality in America and the gap many cities face for upward mobility, I knew instantaneously Roots is a better way for property owners and renting residents to become partners for wealth building.”

Daniel Dorfman, co-founder of Roots said, “Ted Jenkin is one of the most well-known personalities for personal finance not only in Atlanta, but across the United States. Ted explains difficult financial concepts in an easily understandable way for the average consumer. We know Ted will have a huge impact in spreading the Roots message.”

With close to $20 million in property under management for Roots, Jenkin believes the fund is just at the beginning of a paradigm shift in how Americans will view the renter’s market. “It sounds like an oxymoron that a renter could earn equity. But this is a real change in the traditional structure that is a win for everyone. Nobody has truly built a model where renters can grow their wealth and improve their FICO score, and then have a real path to home ownership if they want it. Over our first two years, Roots has proven that people who rent will engage as partners when treated fairly and given the opportunity to own while they rent.”

Roots Residents who Live in it Like You Own ItⓇ get to invest their rental deposit in the fund and earn rental rebates adding between $600 and $1,200 per year to their wealth building accounts. They also fully participate in the growth of the entire fund over time. Roots Residents average savings of over $2,400 in their first year and can increase that to between $8,500 and $11,000 over five years with no additional out of pocket investment.

To learn more about Roots, please visit our website www.investwithroots.com.

About Roots
Roots is a privately held Real Estate Investment that is registered with the SEC as a REG-A fund, allowing it to accept investment from both accredited and non-accredited investors. It’s trademarked “Live in it Like You Own It”Ⓡ program is the first of its kind. Roots is commercially motivated and community inspired and is designed to be a sustainable, non-concessionary “impact investment” portfolio that allows its residents to build wealth with little risk by allowing them to “Own While You Rent”™. To learn more about Roots please visit www.investwithroots.com

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