BONGIPS stands out as the flagship product and a source of pride for G-Medics Korea

INCHEON, KOREA, October 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Medical device manufacturing company G-Medics Korea (CEO: Seungyong Song, Chunseok Kim) has announced its plans to enter the global market, raising expectations within the industry.

G-Medics Korea, a company specializing in the manufacture of third-generation Sprint orthopedic devices, is a leading research-based company in the development of semiconductor-based MBT IVD sensor platforms. With a strong quality management system and numerous patents and design registrations, the company established a dedicated research and development department in 2018, further enhancing its in-house development capabilities.

G-Medics Korea has introduced a range of products, including BONGIPS, BONGUARD, NEXHEAL, and BONGIPSCOOLBAND. Among these, BONGIPS stands out as the flagship product and a source of pride for G-Medics Korea, boasting a significant market share in the domestic market.

The traditional Gypsum-based casts were primarily made from plaster or fiberglass materials. Due to their all-encompassing structure around the body, these casts didn’t allow for proper ventilation, resulting in odor issues and making it inconvenient to clean the casted area. In contrast, BONGIPS has been developed with detachable triple-layer air mesh for improved comfort and ventilation, providing a cushioned feel and enhanced convenience.

Furthermore, BONGIPS incorporates elastomeric elastomer, which aids in shock absorption, and adjustable hook and loop fasteners for convenience. It’s also available in a PRE-MOLD type, making it user-friendly for emergency patients. The cast is easy to reshape and cut to the appropriate size for the wearing area, and it allows for X-ray imaging while worn. Moreover, it is appreciated for its advantages such as the ability to wash and shower even after wearing the cast.

Above all, it receives positive feedback for being made from biodegradable and environmentally friendly resin. Biodegradable, eco-friendly resin possesses similar functions to regular resin but can be broken down by microorganisms into water and carbon dioxide, among other inorganic materials. Therefore, it is highlighted as an environmentally friendly option for casts.

G-Medics Korea, with its product BONGIPS, recently secured the top position in the domestic orthopedic brace market. As a result, the company is preparing to expand its exports to Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. With this, they aim to establish themselves as a leading global brand in the cast industry.

A representative from G-Medics Korea stated, “BONGIPS received over 500,000 prescriptions last year, and it has been recognized by numerous medical professionals in the domestic orthopedic brace market through more than 20 rounds of modifications and improvements to product completeness and technology.” They also mentioned, “We will focus on expanding into overseas markets through continuous research and development.”

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