These Women in Excel in their Leadership Roles

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — A gamer, a chocolatier, and a business consultant stand as extraordinary examples of innovation, resilience, and leadership. At the forefront of their respective industries, these women have not only carved out distinctive niches but have also become living testaments to the transformative influence of women in business. Each of these leaders has forged a distinctive path, showcasing the potency of determination and strategic vision in accomplishing remarkable milestones. FutureCommPR sat down with these three leaders to find out more about their individual paths to success.

Brandii Grace, CEO of Games by Brandii (G.B.B.), boasts an impressive two-decade tenure in the gaming industry. Her background features roles as a designer on AAA, console, and mobile games for companies like Disney, Activision, and Warner Bros. She was also a programmer at Microsoft Games, helping to launch their most successful console system. As a game design instructor for programs at DigiPen and the New York Film Academy, Grace earned the International Game Developers Association’s MVP award for her industry leadership. She was also a founder of Versus Systems currently traded on NASDAQ. “The success of the Barbie movie has shown us that if we want our stories told, we’re going to have to do it ourselves” Grace said. Leveraging her extensive experience, she embarked on her new venture – establishing a studio focused on creating games tailored for women (

There is a noticeable absence in the gaming landscape when it comes to addressing social topics that women can connect with. “I started making games because I’m a storyteller at heart. Games can serve as an unparalleled medium for conveying meaningful narratives about systemic issues, providing a safe space to explore diverse experiences” she said. Rooted in real-life stories and dedicated to addressing significant social issues, there are two games currently in development “Redlined,” and “Three Days.” “Redlined” is a narrative city builder that plays through a century of historic, real-world housing policies. “Three Days” is a visual novel that will launch first. It’s an edgy drama about love, loss, and pregnancy. The inaugural game is slated for release in 2024, and Grace is actively working to secure a modest marketing budget of $50k.

Transitioning from the tech sector to healthcare, we spoke with Bridget Ludy, President, and Founder of Pivotal Health. With heightened awareness on the importance of maintaining personal health via dietary habits, Ludy is preparing to launch a line of chocolate products that are sugar-free, kosher, keto-friendly, non-GMO, vegetarian, and suitable for diabetics. Ludy has over forty years of experience in chocolate making and drawing from her own personal journey with a diabetes diagnosis, she identified a market need for gourmet-level chocolate products. This realization fueled the establishment of her company ( “We have developed a solution that provides a premium quality chocolate experience that delivers both a delicious taste and the health benefits of being sugar-free” Ludy said. The diabetic population, currently at 37.3 million in the U.S., is projected to exceed 54.9 million by 2030. Her product line has emerged as an ideal solution for individuals that are health conscious but still crave that chocolate treat. The official launch is January 2024, and they are currently working to secure funding to scale production and bring their product to market.

Moving from healthcare to business consultancy, we spoke with Elizabeth Italiano, Managing Partner, at GTM Advisors ( Italiano’s entrepreneurial journey commenced with her first startup Radian6, which was later acquired by Salesforce. Following experiences with various early-stage startups, she found herself interested in working for herself and launched WNTD Partners, eventually paving the way for the establishment of GTM Advisors alongside her co-founders. Specializing in diagnosing go-to-market (GTM) issues, the company is dedicated to guiding companies through problem resolution. “We wanted to truly partner with our clients every step of the way from diagnosing problems to identifying opportunities through implementation of recommendations,” said Italiano.

The company offers bespoke solutions rather than cookie-cutter frameworks. “Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to work in marketing, sales, customer success, and even accounting and I wanted to share those experiences and knowledge” she said. The company’s original mission is still in place today, continued Italiano, “make a difference for our clients.” The company launched in early 2023 in challenging economic conditions but has found themselves with a robust number of clients via their network and marketing efforts. The keys to success for GMT Advisors have been to “test, learn, and iterate” she continued. She encourages other entrepreneurs to ask trusted friends or mentors for advice. She says that “tenacity is critical, and you need to have the ability to persevere through failures.”

The successes of these three founders highlight their creativity and resourcefulness but also underscore their unwavering commitment to a mindset of perpetual learning and adaptability. This dynamic approach, responsive to the ever-evolving landscape of their respective industries, has played the main role in steering their ventures toward notable achievements. As we look forward to 2024, the anticipated growth and expansion of these companies promises to be intriguing narratives.

Jim Burkhart is the Executive Director of FutureCommPR. Headquartered in San Francisco and New York, FutureCommPR provides PR services with a focus on small businesses and startups.

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