London, United Kingdom July 20, 2022 –(– Crypto is seen as everything from the currency of the future to a very risky investment. Over the past few years, crypto has started to change the way we look at money.

Different payment methods for buying crypto have started to surface, with over 130 shown at Crypto Lists’ overview of deposit methods.

The co-founder of Crypto Lists Ltd, Markus Jalmerot, says: “Depositing into a crypto exchange should be quick and simple. That’s why Crypto Lists feature the most trusted exchanges and platforms available to get started with from 100s of different deposit methods.”

One of the most rapidly growing and globally used crypto deposit methods is e-wallets, available in over 180 nations. While being available from almost every country, there are many country-specific funding methods in the top list.

For those looking for cash payment and anonymity, there are also lots of options. For some of them, visiting a nearby local post office or corner shop could be enough.

Crypto investors looking for minimal fees often consider the peer-to-peer (P2P) deposit option, but even if this alternative is attractive in terms of low charges, the risk is higher for scams compared to more established methods. With peer-to-peer payments, crypto sites anonymously pair buyers and sellers and assist in every step of the transaction.

In volatile market conditions, many crypto investors prefer doing deposits in the most popular stablecoins. Some of the newest stablecoins are now denominated in Euro or GBP, giving a different currency exposure compared to the USD.

As the cryptocurrency movement grows, so too will the choice of payment methods as more organizations see the benefit of getting involved. The methods shown above are just some of the newer and more different ways to deposit fiat funds for the purchase and trade of cryptocurrencies. Crypto Lists estimates that an increasing amount of country-specific funding options will come to market in the next few years. While e-wallets is the second most popular deposit method after debit cards, it’s likely that cryptocurrencies will become the most common deposit option over time.

Note: The crypto market is very volatile, and cryptocurrencies are risky investments. Historical returns in the market are no guarantee of future returns.

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