eQuorum Announces Release of Version 12

ATLANTA, GA, June 20, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Quorum announces major enhancements for ImageSite® and Engine-Box™, powerful and affordable engineering workflow and document management systems. Both solutions are enhanced with better workflow automation and collaboration tools to help organizations execute projects more efficiently, and finish projects faster while delivering positive financial outcomes and meeting compliance requirements.

eQuorum also announces the launch of Accord, a new and improved user interface for both ImageSite® and Engine-Box™ that gives purpose to colors, typeface, iconography and user experience.

eQuorum understands that engineering workflow automation and collaboration tools help to increase business profitability and growth by removing repetitive tasks out of the equation so internal and external members can focus on solving more problems and making decisions faster. Since over 90 percent of all workflows are document-centric, organizations that marry their business operations with a single-source of truth for their drawings and documents, elevate focus and confidence, and promote effective communication.

“We enhanced both the aesthetics and functionality to provide a more effortless experience for engineers to access all the right tools that make their job easier using Accord,” Scott Brandt, President and CEO of eQuourm explains. “We hear over and over again, the applications that are supposed to make business easier are actually really complex and hard for people to use. eQuorum is all about making our customers work life straightforward and more insightful. Promoting this kind of culture can only thrive when teams are equipped with the right tools that aid them in designing, monitoring, managing, reporting and analyzing processes and workflows. This is why we are committed to continuous improvements of our EDMS solutions and providing the highest level of usability, security, and functionality in the industry for engineers.”

Version 12 will be available to customers starting June 20th.

New software enhancements in the release of Version 12 include:

UX Design Enhancement: Accord

ImageSite® and Engine-Box™ now have a new refreshed visual identity that gives purpose to colors, typeface, iconography and other brand elements and enhances UX design – ACCORD. Along with an upgrade to Version 12, the new theme will launch as a default setting. Users will have the option to change the settings back to the previous Classic theme, if they desire. ACCORD makes use of contemporary symbology, lighter palettes, and fewer buttons.

Digital Markup Enhancements

Markup Default Settings

Administrators can now define Markup default settings at the System, Project, and User levels, including identifying when markups are shown (Viewing, Printing Locally, Downloading as PDF, Printing at the Server, etc.) and specific markup tool defaults, including security. If allowed, users can define their own Markup setting defaults.

Markup settings now include settings for a Private-Viewer option which restricts markup viewing to the Markup creator. Markup settings also include Public-Viewer options with Read, Add, Modify and/or Delete privileges.

Custom Data Fields for Markups and Markup Elements

Users now have more control over data associated with markup elements in their library making it easier to indicate important changes to CAD drawings and other documents associated to project workflows. Users have the option to create custom fields for Markups (collections of markup-related items) and Markup Elements (specific individual markup items such as highlights, textboxes, lines, shapes, seals, approvals, etc.).

Redlining Markup Review Process

The review process for markups now includes a more detailed examination of drawings and documents, allowing the user to review each element individually or sequentially one-by-one.

Additional Drawing Markup Modes

Users now have the option to choose between two different drawing modes: Single or Continuous. This helps to improve project efficiency by allowing the user to initiate a markup session to include redline changes without needing to reselect the desired element.

Workflow+ Enhancements

New automation enhancements leverage more metadata granularity to improve process flow completion, notifications, and security. Users now have the options to initiate the following automated actions during a workflow:

• Create Guest Projects (3P Direct)
• Initiate Transmittals
• Mark documents as checked out (or undo a ‘checked out’ status)
• Create folder structures and assign security
• Automate the addition of reference files
• Automate notifications prior to a project due date
• Improve workflow mapping details.

Reporting and Project Data Support

Additional project reporting and insight is now available. New standard system reports include:

• Transmittal Recipient Document Due
• Transmittal Recipient Document Register
• Folder Security
• Notes and Note Threads
• Sample Reports that accept Parameters (user input).

3P Direct – Naming Conventions

More flexibility is now available in the naming conventions of Guest Projects, enabling users to control project name identification at the top or bottom locations of the project list.

New Dropdown Option – Open in New Tab

Many items can be opened in a new browser tab using the context (right mouse button) menu. For example, viewing a file.

Sets Enhancements

Sets added to existing Sets can now be added as additional items, instead of repopulating the entirety of the Sets area.

New Transmittal Status Setting

Users can manually update a transmittal with a “completed’ status without using email. This manual setting capability also removes the transmittal from being displayed on the default list, unless filtered by the user.

Set Association on Upload
Set Association can now be created when uploading files via CSV uploads.

Download as PDF, Print Local and Publish Support

Options to select output page size and select CAD layouts and page ranges are now supported.

MicroStation Connect Add-In

MicroStation Connect Add-In is now supported.

Oauth2.0 Support

Email support for Oauth2.0 is now available.

Support for Autodesk Vault 2023 Integration

Autodesk Vault 2023 Integration is now supported.

Existing customers can download the upgrade from the Customer portal starting June 20th. Contact eQuorum Customer Support at [email protected] for assistance in free upgrading. eQuorum Private Cloud customers can choose if they would like their systems upgraded. eQuorum Engine-Box SaaS customers will see their systems automatically updated within two weeks of the upgrade release. Click here to learn more about eQuorum’s engineering workflow and document management solutions.

About eQuorum
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, eQuorum is the developer of Engine-Box.com, one of the first SaaS Cloud engineering document management system (EDMS) in the U.S. Their product portfolio also includes ImageSite®, an on-premise engineering document management system and workflow solution—also offered as a private cloud EDMS solution. ImageSite® and Engine-Box.com are built in HTML5 and do not require users to download software to their PCs, or download apps to their mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. eQuorum’s document management products serve as a collaboration solution for affiliates, customers, and vendors in a wide variety of industries. eQuorum also provides NIST assessment consulting, training, and software implementation services. For additional information regarding eQuorum’s products and services, please call 404.497.8110 or visit the company’s web site: eQuorum.com

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