Together they will automate business processes that save time, money, and effort while continuing to manage and govern information.

DENVER, CO, February 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Zia Consulting, Inc is a systems integrator of content management, process management, document capture, and cloud sharing technologies. Zia helps businesses better manage, process, and secure documents with enterprise automation, federation, integration, and automated governance. They are excited to partner with Objective after their recent acquisition of long-standing partner, Simflofy.

With over 30 years experience delivering information governance solutions, Objective is an ideal home for the Simflofy solutions and team. Since the acquisition, the Objective team has reimagined a Simflofy product, and it has been reborn as Objective 3Sixty.

Introducing Objective 3Sixty
Objective 3Sixty offers a decentralized approach to managing and governing information. Built for complex environments with terabytes of data, Objective 3Sixty includes connectors to over 50 content repositories. This allows organizations to search and analyze information, manage content in-place and migrate from wherever it resides. This approach allows departments and teams within an organization to have responsibility over their own information governance practices, while still adhering to a set of overarching policies, procedures, and standards set by the organization.

The flexibility of Objective 3Sixty means that it can be deployed to provide knowledge workers federated access to content across multiple systems, an overarching NARA compliant governance layer across an entire organization or as data fabric layer to enable process automation initiatives.

Jeremy Goddard, Global Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Objective, shared: “The rapid growth of information is outstripping the ability to manage it. With our continued investment in Objective 3Sixty, large enterprises are organizing, cleansing, synthesizing and governing their information in order to make better use of it, all the while remaining compliant with evolving record keeping legislation.”

About the partnership

In 2023, Zia Consulting is highly focused on enterprise automation by utilizing their expertise in converting unstructured content into structured data that enables full automation of core back end processes. Today’s companies are challenged to fill unwanted positions, improve customer and employee satisfaction, and stop using qualified people to do highly repetitive, inefficient, and costly manual tasks. These priorities are backed by findings from the AIIM’s Enhancing Your RPA Implementation with Intelligent Information Report that shows 70% of organizations say that unstructured content in the form of documents, emails, or text is the Achilles Heel of RPA implementations. Mike Mahon, Zia Consulting’s President and CEO stated, “We are excited to have the partnership and see the increased investment in Objective 3Sixty.”

Zia and Objective are uniquely aligned to help organizations provide federated access to data in disparate content repositories. Objective gives Zia an opportunity to target specific market pain-points that emphasize the unique capabilities of their platform. This will improve the customer experience, decrease response times, and increase the accuracy of data by delivering it to one location. This process also helps organizations move the right content and systems to the cloud and integrate them with existing repositories. Those that are concerned about adherence to NARA’s Transition to Electronic Records’ Memorandum can use us to meet federal records obligations without costly migrations and unrequired change management.

Objective has a reputation for high quality software, working closely with large and complex organizations like the Australian Defense Force, and delivering whole of government solutions for both Scotland and Wales. Objective is listed on the Australian stock exchange, with a billion-dollar market cap.

Together, Zia and Objective will continue building upon their synergy to provide information and content services to highly regulated industries like insurance, mortgage, accounting, human capital management, utilities, government, and finance. “This is exactly the kind of partner we want to work with to solve the challenging business problems that organizations face in the ever changing world of technology and global economy” said Mike Mahon. “Stay tuned for great things to come in 2023.”

Zia Consulting is an award-winning system integrator of content management, process management, document capture, and cloud sharing technologies. We address the needs of enterprises to better manage, process, and secure documents by automating business processes and enhancing information governance. Our vertical accelerators for insurance, mortgage, accounting, manufacturing, and more are utilized by some of the world’s largest enterprises to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk.

Objective creates software that makes a difference. Using Objective software, thousands of public sector organizations are becoming completely digital. Customers can work from anywhere; with access to information, governance guaranteed, and security assured. Innovation is their lifeblood, investing significantly in the ongoing development of products that deliver outstanding solutions to the public sector and regulated industries. The result is stronger national and community outcomes, and accountability that builds trust in government.

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