Suite of tools delivers unmatched, science-backed AI capabilities to score and generate language designed for specific target audiences while consistently staying in brand voice.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, November 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Pluralytics, a ground-breaking AI language analysis and generation platform that writes language designed to deepen connection with target audiences, today announced it launched a suite of APIs to provide unprecedented capabilities to drive customer engagement.

“Language generation is a multibillion-dollar market opportunity, and there are a lot of NLG players creating almost unlimited content at a low cost,” said Pluralytics Co-founder and CEO Alisa Miller. “In that sea of content, Pluralytics uses behavioral science and a proprietary methodology to analyze and score language to predict if it will connect with the target audience, including powering scalable personalization. It is enormously valuable when you find a predictive signal for engagement. It solves consistency and quality concerns posed by GenAI content writing, including decreasing time spent editing and vetting content and concerns about originality. It eliminates content waste and saves time and money on message testing all while increasing language effectiveness to connect with your target audience in your voice. It’s a win-win-win.”

Pluralytics has launched an API playground to a closed beta of companies that help marketers create and deliver more effective and consistent messaging, including Social Media Management, Digital Asset Management, Sales Enablement, and Content Management. The APIs can be deployed to create custom experiences across a range of use cases, including:

• Benchmarking ideal content for affinity to specific audience demographics
• Analyzing other content for proximity to custom language benchmarks
• Assessing content for values, tones of voice, formality, complexity
• Writing/rewriting text for optimal alignment to benchmarks

Pluralytics launched its ValuesFinder™ product in 2021 and has raised over $5M in seed financing led by Ecliptic Capital in Austin to develop its core models. “We will take what we have learned from our Fortune 500 enterprise customers and drive innovation everywhere communicators interact with language to increase engagement without the risks associated with GenAI,” said Miller. “In our short-term roadmap are more APIs and plug-ins to drive product-led growth anywhere marketers and communicators are creating language so that it will be aligned to an ideal voice.”

About Pluralytics
Pluralytics is an AI-powered language science company. Its ValuesFinderTM SaaS platform and APIs power values-driven communications that connect with audiences. It identifies language patterns and matches them with people’s values by analyzing content across any channel and defining which values-driven consumer or employee segments a brand most aligns with — and why. It generates language to appeal to more people with scaled scientific precision and measurable improvement in engagement while helping companies remain consistent with their brand voice. For more information visit Access Pluralytics API Playground here:

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