If you’re looking for Addiction Centers in Los Angeles, CA, that can help you or someone you love that has problems with his or her drinking or even drug abuse issues, we will provide you with fairly large internet database of private exclusive centers, as well as a great number of alternatives. We can help you to locate some addiction treatment programs for dependencies on addictive substances such as Tramadol, Cocaine, Alcohol etc. Scour for top rated rehab centers in Los Angeles now and begin a journey to the path of sobriety.

Recover Integrity Philosophy

Recover integrity is a protracted treatment center for men alone. They have a specialized community program, providing high-quality group work, manifold individual sessions and a theory-based approach to full recovery.

Facility Highlights

  • 2 individual neurofeedback sessions per week for clients
  • 4 group sessions per day
  • 3 individual sessions per week for each client
  • Deep structured psychological, spiritual and wisdom work
  • Yoga, meditation and attentiveness group work
  • Diagnostic testing for every client
  • Individual psychiatric services for each client
  • Trauma specialization Career, vocational and educational counseling for clients.

Ventura Recovery Center Philosophy
Venture recovery center aim is to provide good tools for energetic adults and help them regain life from the influences of addiction. To achieve a long-term recovery, we need a different approach to change our client’s view aofsubstance and drug abuse. Through comprehensive 30, 60 and 90, days of addiction treatment programs are uniquely tailored to the need of each client, the cycle of addiction will be broken. They end addiction one person at a time and one day at a time.

Facility highlights

  • Staff Psychiatrist
  • Full-Service Treatment Center
  • All Levels Of Care
  • Active Adult Community
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Staff Doctor
  • Staff Therapy Team
  • Five Star

Ambrosia Treatment Center Philosophy

when drugs and alcohol take over, it may feel like there’s no way out. The truth is those people that came in feel helpless are leaving here fully healed, sober and with a renewed purpose. Even if it’s not your first rehab, this will be your last and best in your life.

Only 12 clients are allowed to register at a time, making your treatment truly personalized and private. Some of the things that compliment the intense and daily sessions are acupuncture, music therapy, and yoga.

You deserve an addiction care center that truly cares.

Facility highlights

  • 12 beds facility
  • 2:1 staff to client ratio
  • Personalized meals to Dietary/ Nutrition Preferences
  • Over 10,000 Help
  • 24/7 Family support
  • Free recovery helpline

Restore Health and Wellness Philosophy

Restore health and wellness is an addiction treatment center for adults at the age of 18 and above. They provide treatment for alcohol and drug addiction at the inpatient level of care as well as an outpatient program for clients that completed the first cycle of their treatment. Their focus is dual diagnosis and our treatment modalities focus on the underlying issues of the addiction. They also look for ways to treat the cause of the client’s addiction rather than the client’s use in general. Their 45-90 days program is a combination of evidence-based psychotherapy, interactive education and a structured living facility with 24-hour clinical staffs. Restore health and wellness have licensed therapists, a licensed marriage and family therapist and two board-certified psychiatrists. Restore is a small populated luxury accommodation facility that believes in maximizing one-on-one therapy for clients as well as tailoring individual treatment plans for each client because they believe the disease of addiction is a common thing but the needs of each client are unique. They also encourage their clients to participate in a drug abuse/ addiction fellowship during their stay with us and they also expect them to continue that participation until the completion of our program.

Facility highlights

  • Biweekly community involvement, including volunteer work.
  • On-site chef, healthy, nutritious, full-service meals prepared by a chef with a dietary background
  • Clients are taken on daily outings from the facility, including but not limited to outside meetings
  • Holistic treatment including on-site chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and yoga.
  • A 2-acre mansion, swimming pool, tennis, basketball, and volleyball
  • Recovery centers on the often neglected PHYSICAL COMPONENTS of recovery.

Evolve Treatment Center For Teens Philosophy

Evolve offers the highest rate of care for adolescents struggling with drug addiction or mental health issues. We understand that our clients need professional treatments that deal with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. The Evolve is able to build their strength in the teens through physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Evolve’s treatment focus mainly on adolescent drug abuse, mental health, PSTD, depression, anxiety, ODD, Asperger’s, ADHD and OCD. Through DBT, we teach them how to regulate their emotions and help them to improve their impulse control.

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