If You are an underground music lover and live in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve heard of the band Space Lemon, especially if you are into rocking out pretty hard.

The band’s lead singer Tommaso Gimignani, now has a solo project going by the name of Taoma Moon and he’s been rocking the LA music scene. 

Coming from a such a strong Rock’n’roll band we didn’t know what to expect from him, so we went to his debut sold-out show in Hollywood at the legendary Whisky a Go Go, on the Sunset Strip.

His music is very different from what we heard from Space Lemon, but we can totally hear the mark of a melodic rock singer! His new songs were so powerful and intimate that were able to capture a crowd of around 500 people, all completely quiet and tuned in, focused on the performance almost like meditating. What an unusual response from an extravagant venue like the Whisky a Go Go.

When he started playing “Luna”, his magical moon ballad, I literally saw a rock venue transform into a theatre, this is the true power of Taoma Moon.

As the show kept unfolding the incredible voice of Taoma drew people to the stage like a Mermaid’s chant, to the point that it was almost impossible to walk around. That probably made the venue’s owners very happy with the sales for the night, I heard somebody say they were out of beers for the night! You read that right, apparently even at the Whisky they can run out of gas sometimes. I’ll take that as a good sign!

It took me a while to notice that something strange was going on right at the back of the stage, something I’ve never seen before. The artist was playing the whole time with his dog right on stage, laying down behind the keyboard! His pup was there chilling, listening to his Master’s voice like it’s probably used to. It was impressive to see this animal on stage being so relaxed like everything was normal, rock venue or living room, what’s the difference right?

Maybe that’s why Taoma calls his performance “The Acoustic Wolf set”.

That was definitely something new to me, a unique way of entertaining people.

The whole show was unbelievable and I can’t wait to hear more from this artist.

It looks like this path might be the right one for Taoma, all we can say for sure is that this new music rocks! 

If you want to have an idea of what I am talking about click the links below for his social media pages.

We wish you good luck Taoma Moon, from our love for music to yours, always keep on rocking!
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