Criminal harassment, pickup artists, and mental breakdowns…oh my!

TORONTO, ON, February 08, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — “MellowMutiny” was an Autistic woman in gaming for over 15-years. She has been targeted in a years-long coordinated harassment campaign. Her life, career, and friendships have all suffered. It shows no sign of stopping, either: it’s time to speak up.

Similar hate campaigns gained widespread public notice when “Gamergate” began in 2014. What may surprise people is how much of it is still happening now. But it’s not just her; other women and minorities are targeted by similar hate-based ‘exposure’ campaigns.

In 2015, she met someone online who spent a lot of time grooming her, which she did not recognize until too late; it wasn’t long before that friendship evolved. Her husband and this other man had both consented before anything began; it’s called ethical polyamory. It felt amazing…at first. But what felt like a dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

This other man crossed boundaries she established by looking up private information she asked him not to. It seemed like something they could work through, but within a year, the dynamic changed completely. Her private and intimate interactions appeared online without surrounding context, were used against her, and she was coerced by multiple people to do things I didn’t want to via blackmail.

These messages followed her into private spaces too: when she tried to make new accounts and look for new friends, ‘anonymous’ users would appear accusing her again of cheating. She was stalked, targeted, and it worked. Her multiple award-winning business was ‘cancelled’ when some clients used this information against her too.

These accusations, threats, and intimidation have followed her offline, but are all “quote mined” contextomy from very little and skewed data.

What happened to her is emotional manipulation, something taught as “dating advice” and called the “loverboy” method. It’s in the news recently, because it can lead to sex trafficking. Law enforcement is often ineffective at preventing it, and the cost of an effective legal response can exceed $35,000: considering many victims lose their jobs and even marriages because of it, hefty legal fees are rarely viable.

Victims are silenced. Criminals are rewarded.

It’s her hope that her statement can both shed light on what’s happening to her, but also spread awareness for other victims and women in gaming.

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