Taleam’s CEO highlights IT industry competitiveness, stressing partnerships and innovation for sustained success and growth.

OTTAWA, ON, November 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Taleam Systems, an Ottawa tech company, recently unveiled a healthcare-focused innovation at a global conference. According to the CEO, Melad Ahmadzai, “We continue to enhance our expertise for secure and efficient health system services.”

The company offers cybersecurity training, software, and partners with Microsoft for expanded services. Ahmadzai emphasizes that to be competitive in the industry, the goal of uniqueness is to create partnerships with IT consulting firms in Canada and globally.

During COVID, Taleam proposed the QR code idea, supported clinics, and offered website design consulting. Ahmadzai says, “Our strengths in using current solutions, securing systems, and providing tailored training has been very successful.”

To learn more about Taleam’s innovation, visit https://taleamsystems.com

Taleam is a tech company that innovates solutions to tackle industry challenges by integrating technology.

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