Texas University Student Urges Teens, Parents to Work Together on Addressing Underage Drinking

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PA, January 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — McKenzie Law Firm, P.C., congratulates Benton Hoskison, the winner of its 2022 David McKenzie Teen Drinking and Driving Scholarship. Hoskison, a Texas Wesleyan University student and athlete, is pursuing a business management degree. He aspires to own and run a successful fitness business that helps people reach their fitness goals and trains future fitness coaches.

“I am studying business to learn how to develop a successful, sustainable business in the fitness industry supporting youth athletes as well as adults to reach their fitness goals. I plan to acquire as much knowledge and experience as possible working with other trainers before reaching my personal goal of running my own fitness business,” Hoskison says.

He will use the $2,500 scholarship award from McKenzie Law Firm, P.C., toward his studies, as he says it will bring him one step closer to starting life after college debt-free.

Scholarship Winner Hoskison Shares Insight on Underage Drinking

Hoskison details how widespread teen drinking is in his winning scholarship essay, highlighting how thousands of teenagers suffer fatal injuries in drunk-driving accidents every year. He also shares his experiences of seeing peers deal with the realities of underage drinking:

“Although it is illegal to serve anyone under the age of 18, many of my friends who are between the ages of 18 and 21 still receive drinks from other patrons. This is a concern because the risk they take not only with their own lives but with the lives of others on the road could mean someone loses their parent or child.”

Mental Health Challenges: How Feeling Invincible Can Lead to Alcohol Use

He also sheds light on why some teenagers use alcohol, citing those who give in to peer pressure or turn to alcohol to help them manage mental health disorders, such as depression. “When faced with depressive problems, teens often feel that they have no one to talk to and no other options,” he says.

Some underage drinkers get behind the wheel because they feel invincible, he says, arguing that “Young people do not see the end of their lives as something that could happen to them. Drinking and driving will not hurt them, and nothing will happen. They fail to see the risks of death, fines, or jail.”

Hoskison: Parents, Teens Can Partner Up to Raise Awareness

Hoskison encourages parents and teenagers to work together to reduce underage drinking and address alcohol use among young people. Parents can help young people speak up when they see a friend or classmate using alcohol and getting behind the wheel.

“Teenagers are unlikely to say anything about drinking and driving. Instead, most stay quiet and allow their peers to drive under the influence knowing they are at risk. Teaching young adults to speak up and say something is the first step to decreasing risky behaviors,” he writes.

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