With the goal of giving away 500 dash cams in 2024, Personal injury lawyer Shannon J. Sagan has made no secret of his belief in the power of using dash cam evidence to help accident victims recover compensation.

LAKE WORTH, FL, March 06, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — With the goal of giving away 500 dash cams in 2024, Personal injury lawyer Shannon J. Sagan has made no secret of his belief in the power of using dash cam evidence to help accident victims recover compensation. For years, he has been using his platforms, now The Dash Cam Lawyer, on all of the leading social media channels, to alert Florida residents to important changes in the laws and to provide tips for safe driving and other helpful information.

He feels so strongly about the benefits of dash cam technology that he has given away hundreds of dash cams and has plans to continue doing everything in his power to increase the accessibility of cameras until every driver has one. So, it is not surprising that he has now turned his passion into an officially registered trademark. Instead of Shannon J. Sagan, PA, his law firm is now The Dash Cam Lawyer®, PA.

On his website–which has changed to TheDashCamLawyer.com–Shannon and his team provide numerous dashcam resources to help drivers understand how to take advantage of the technology and use it safely.

Why The Dash Cam Lawyer?

“The dash cam is the most important accessory a driver can add to a vehicle,” Shannon explains. Dash cams record information visible through the front windshield (and rear of the vehicle depending on the camera) and continuously record data, which can prove highly beneficial in the case of a disputed collision or other incident.

Footage from a dash cam shows what happened leading up to an accident, as well as during and after a collision. The images are more accurate and impartial than memories of anyone involved in the accident. For that reason, they can help:

• Prove a driver acted properly so that their insurance company cannot drop their coverage or increase their premium
• Demonstrate the reckless or negligent actions of other drivers
• Strengthen a client’s injury case
• Prove who is at fault
• Identify vehicles in a hit and run incident

These cameras can enable drivers to protect themselves from being improperly blamed for an accident and can help victims demonstrate liability and recover potentially higher compensation than without one.

Evidence suggests that people tend to practice safer driver habits when they realize they are being recorded. When everyone is using this technology, this could make the roads much safer for drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Dedication to Preventing Accidents and Protecting Victims

Shannon Sagan first decided to become an attorney when over 27 years ago a car accident left him struggling with a host of medical, legal, and financial difficulties and he felt he had no place to turn for answers. He decided to hire an attorney to help him, and ever since then, his goal has been to help clients in the same situation. He never wants accident victims to worry about what to do next. His unique experience of actually having gone through a serious accident with permanent injuries, and the legal system, allows him the ability to truly understand and empathize with his clients. Today, he dedicates his practice to helping accident victims achieve the recovery they deserve—physically, emotionally, and financially.

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I’ve been in your shoes. 25 years ago, a car accident changed my life. I suffered permanent injuries and had to struggle through a host of medical, legal, and financial difficulties, always wondering if I was doing the right thing. Now my mission is to help you so you can heal and get the resolution you deserve.

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