“Missing Mama Tiger” is a captivating children’s book by 5th grader Mark Chudi Nnam, featuring two tiger cubs and their friend on a mission to rescue their missing mother and a lost bird.

OAKLAND, CA, August 23, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In an enchanting story that captures the essence of bravery, family, and the power of friendship, 5th grader Mark Chudi Nnam takes readers on an exciting journey with his debut children’s book, “Missing Mama Tiger”. This heartwarming and adventurous tale follows the escapades of two young tiger cubs and their feathered friend as they embark on a mission to rescue their missing mother and a lost baby bird.

Mark Nnam, a creative and innovative young author, weaves a captivating narrative that encourages empathy, cooperation, and the importance of helping others. Drawing inspiration from his passion for reading and his desire to create stories that resonate with young readers, Mark has crafted a tale that is sure to captivate the hearts of children and adults alike.

In “Missing Mama Tiger,” readers are introduced to Bolt and Zane, two courageous tiger cubs, who find themselves facing a daunting challenge when their mother goes missing after a hunting trip. Determined to reunite with their beloved Mama Tiger, Bolt and Zane team up with Mrs. Beaks, a caring and resourceful bird, to embark on a thrilling adventure through the woods. As they encounter obstacles and uncertainties, they learn the true value of friendship, perseverance, and the strength that comes from working together.

Mark’s eloquent storytelling and vivid imagination bring the characters to life, creating an engaging and inspiring reading experience for young readers. The story not only entertains but also imparts valuable life lessons, including the significance of empathy, unity, and showing kindness to others.

The author’s creativity and dedication shine through in this remarkable work, which is not only a testament to his writing prowess but also an embodiment of his passion for storytelling. “Missing Mama Tiger” serves as an encouraging example for young authors everywhere, showing that determination, creativity, and a love for reading can lead to the creation of beautiful narratives that touch hearts and minds.

Readers of all ages will be drawn into the world of “Missing Mama Tiger,” a world filled with adventure, emotions, and unforgettable characters. Mark Nnam’s debut book is a heartwarming reminder that even in the face of challenges, the bonds of friendship and family can lead to remarkable feats of courage and compassion.

About the Author:
Mark Chudi Nnam is a talented young author born and raised in California, USA. A student at West Heritage Elementary, Mark has always been passionate about reading and writing. Inspired by his love for books, he embarked on the journey of creating stories that inspire and entertain. “Missing Mama Tiger” is Mark’s debut children’s book, showcasing his creative flair and dedication to storytelling.

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