Adoption, Betrayal, and Hurt Overcome When the Truth is Revealed At Last

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 12, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Can anyone in Milford-Haven keep a secret? What’s at stake when a secret it kept? Will someone be hurt if the truth is revealed? Will others be damaged if the secrets stay buried? Or does a generational secret revealed at last bring healing to a man, two families, and a town?

Why Hearts Keep Secrets is an engrossing tale with the most satisfying and romantic storyline of the year. To celebrate No More Secrets Day, the book makes its debut in print, and the Amazon Kindle E-book will be free for three days, April 13, 14, and 15th.

Best-selling, award-winning author Mara Purl weaves compelling facts into her story. “This book is at the apex of the series,” Purl explained. “Miranda Jones finally finds the love of her life. But in the process, she discovers members of her own family have been concealing important facts. So have other characters in the story, for reasons of their own.”

One part of the saga’s ongoing storyline involved a secret adoption. “A son doesn’t know he was adopted; a mother doesn’t know her son lives nearby; an adoptive father promised his late spouse to keep quiet; and an investigator stumbles across the truth,” the author explained. “This may sound like a soap opera, but this kind of family story occurs more often than people may realize.”

On the surface, Purl’s latest opus is full of the entertaining twists and turns that’ve made her a bestselling author. “But what I love are the deeper moments, the hidden motives,” Mara admitted. “Why would a parent abandon her child? Why would an adoptive father conceal his son’s true lineage? Fear, hope, promises, compromises, and betrayals—all these are part of this complex story,” she continued. “Why do people keep secrets? That’s what this book is all about.”

As always, Purl did exhaustive research as she prepared to write this third novel. Finding hundreds of press articles detailing stories of adoptees who chose to investigate their own birth parents, she conducted interviews with organizations and individuals. Some people were extremely satisfied by their searches; others were disappointed, or even devastated by what they found. But most could not resist the compulsion to find the answer to a core question: who am I?

Why Hearts Keep Secrets is part of Purl’s best-selling saga, Milford-Haven, which began as a hit BBC radio drama with 4.5 million listeners in the U.K., and became a multi-award winning book series with 17 million followers in the U.S. The saga is set in California’s scenic Central Coast, where Purl regularly researches her stories and is a frequent speaker.

Trade Reviews:
“Why Hearts Keep Secrets by Mara Purl is a compelling romance that draws readers into a world of mystery, suspense and intrigue. Set in the coastal town of Milford-Haven, the story continues as buried secrets and hidden agendas combine to create an electrifying plot that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Readers will fall in love with Purl’s masterful plotline and stunning use of descriptive imagery. In addition, the characters are memorable, original and believable, with unique, well-developed backstories. An interesting, engaging read that could be read as part of the series or as a standalone.” – Maincrest Media Reviews

“The writing flows easily and the characters are compelling. . . . Purl has expertly interwoven her characters’ lives into a colorful, fascinating tapestry of mystery, romance, and suspense. Readers will find it fun to pass the time with the inhabitants of Milford-Haven, and will want to know more about their fates.” – ForeWord Reviews

“I found this continuation of Mara Purl’s Milford-Haven series to be every bit as captivating and revealing as all the others. The way Purl composes her novels, this series could go on for a long, long time. And true to form, the last chapter is another bit from Samantha Hugo’s journal. Purl uses this journal to tie the story all together and it works well. Another wonderful read.” – Linda Thompson, Host of The Authors Show

Reader comments:

“Mara’s Milford-Haven series goes deep into the life of artist Miranda Jones—her family, her agent, her friends and neighbors in San Francisco and the fictional town of Milford-Haven situated on the Central Coast of California. Intrigue, murder, and betrayal; musicians, murals, and shells; hummingbirds, whales, sea otters; … and an astronomer who shows Miranda how to reach for the stars in life and love.” – Derra Moyers

About the Author

For her Milford-Haven Novels, Mara was named 2019 Top Female Author for Fiction by the Authors Show. To date, her book series has won more than 60 book awards, and has topped multiple best-seller lists on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her novels, novellas and novelettes with their gorgeous watercolor book covers and engaging mix of romance and mystery are sought after by her mostly female readers, where Mara has become a trail blazer for both Women’s Fiction and Small Town fiction.

Mara, who has appeared on stage and on-camera since childhood, played the recurring character “Darla Cook” on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. She then founded a production company and created Milford-Haven U.S.A.,a serial drama loosely based upon Cambria. The show, co-starring a well-known L.A. based cast including Erin Gray, Linda Purl, Ed Begley, Jr., Michael Horse, and several others, became the first American radio drama to air on BBC radio, where it enjoyed a following of 4.5 million listeners. Purl’s story later came to the attention of New York publishers, who began publishing her novel series in hardcover in 2011. Since then, her books have become national best-sellers, as have her novellas,

Mara is a frequent guest on radio talk shows, and also speaks for the American Heart Association, for women’s organizations, for writers’ conferences and for colleges and universities. Mara and her books have a large following nationally and particularly in California. Along with her work as an author, speaker and performer, she consults on other authors’ book projects.

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