Revolutionize Your Travel Planning Experience with Travel-wise’s AI-Powered Itinerary Generator

SEATTLE, WA, April 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Travel-Wise is a start-up travel company that aims to make trip planning faster with AI capabilities that will aid in creating and sharing adventures through the world. The website harnesses Chat GPT, a viral AI chatbot, on their website to give ideas and suggestions for users planning their trips.

Users simply type in their travel persona, a desired location, and how many days they will visit. In seconds, the AI software generates a sample trip plan with activity ideas and a map. Instead of searching on Google and sifting through dozens of articles and Yelp reviews, users can turn to Travel-Wise’s AI trip planner to research their trip for them. They can even run the program multiple times and load fresh ideas every time.

Travel-Wise’s AI trip planner comes on the heels of ChatGPT going viral across the internet for its advanced capabilities. Across the world, people have used ChatGPT for writing computer codes, summarizing complex topics, and even creating dazzling artwork. Now, Travel-Wise has implemented ChatGPT to spark vacation outing ideas for travelers.

Equipped with AI capabilities, Travel-Wise’s trip plan builder handles all the grunt work for users and frees them to dream about their travels instead of worrying about missing details. Users start from a template, either blank or inspired by another user’s plan. From there, they simply fill in the details of their trip, starting with dates and destinations and moving on to plans for transportation, lodging, activities, and restaurants.

Users can share their trip plans with friends and family and even post them on Travel-Wise’s community forum to inspire other travelers. As users embark on their trip, they can add journal entries to log their favorite spots, fun memories, and advice for next time.

Whether dreaming about an imaginary trip or planning for a vacation coming up, travelers can turn to AI for seed ideas to boost their trips. They can even use this AI’s speedy travel planning for outing ideas in their home city or to decide on a destination for next year’s summer vacation.

Check out Travel-Wise’s AI trip planner for yourself and create a trip plan in seconds for any destination in the world, complete with a map, activities, and lodging ideas. Use Travel-Wise to plant the seeds for your future travel dreams.

About Travel-Wise: A start-up company, Travel-Wise is designed to become the internet’s go-to travel hub. With trip plan templates, a community forum, community travel itineraries created by experts and influencers, and generated itineraries, Travel-Wise brings together fellow travelers to share their ideas, insights, and experiences online.

Travelwise is a travel technology company that simplifies and streamlines the travel planning process through innovative solutions, including the Itinerary Generator – an AI-powered tool that generates personalized trip plans based on users’ preferences and travel needs. Additionally, Travelwise offers a range of tools and services to help users plan, book, and manage their trips with ease, including the ability to create and share their own travel plans and itineraries with family and friends.

As a start-up company, Travel-Wise aims to become the internet’s go-to travel hub, bringing together fellow travelers to share their ideas, insights, and experiences online through trip plan templates, a community forum, and community travel itineraries created by experts and influencers. Travelwise is committed to providing a seamless travel experience for its customers and is constantly exploring new ways to enhance its offerings. For more information, visit

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