Go to the cities of Europe; Helsinki founded on the shores of the Gulf of Finland in the mid-sixteenth century. Now, the capital of Finland is an urban area that is elegant and modern with 1.4 million inhabitants. Since Finland has become part of Russia, you will find a Russian-inspired architecture. You will also find an innovative and cutting-edge architecture. It is a town on the island that includes 315 islands and a peninsula, so you some fantastic sights when you can begin to taste the food of Finland, see museums, churches and other tourist attractions in Helsinki.

1. Kauppatori

When you need to taste the famous cuisine of Finland or buy local arts and crafts, Kauppatori is the place to do it. The most famous market in Helsinki is in the southern port, the entrance to the Esplanade Park. This is a good place to buy deer and wood carving, and or Finnish meat paste. Outdoor market offers harbor views of Helsinki and the Baltic Sea, making an excellent stop for them to take the ferry to Suomenlinna. Market-oriented for tourists so the price can be high; Make some comparison shopping before you go.

2. Kiasma Museum

Kiasma Museum certainly fulfills its mission as a place to showcase the best of contemporary Finnish art. This mission begins with the building itself, the structure of an unusual and controversial designed by American whose vision was defeated 515 competitors in 1993. The Kiasma Museum, which is located near Parliament in the center of Helsinki, Is part of the National Gallery of Finland. Working with more than 4,000 artists in a rectangular room with curved walls promote a silent art to add pleasure. Its changing exhibits keep visitors coming back.

3. Theme Park Linnanmaki

When you are tired of visiting the museum, allowing your child to play in Linnanmaki Amusement Park. Linnanmaki offers 44 rides, some of which are not for the faint of heart, like a free fall tower and a few roller coasters, including wood. Relax. There is also a haunted house, the carousel and kiddie rides and restaurants when you get hungry 13. This is a park with a purpose. Not only entertain the young and not so young, but the benefits are also used for child protection work in Finland.

4. Seurasaari Open-Air Museum

Seurasaari Open-Air Museum offers the best way to learn more about how Finlanders live in the past. Situated on one of the islands of Helsinki, 87 buildings across the country have moved here. Some farms and ancient houses up to four centuries, although most are from the 18th century to 20. The museum is open since 1909. However, closed during the winter. Visitors recommend a picnic to eat while walking through the gardens. It is the largest outdoor museum in Finland, with costumed guides that show activity in daily life.

5. Kamppi Chapel

When looking for a moment of solitude in Helsinki, you’ll find the Kamppi Chapel, also known as the Chapel of Silence. There ecumenical chapel sponsored by the parish Helsinki and the Ministry of Social Affairs of the city as a place to freshen up when life is too busy. It is located in a wooden building innovative Narinkkatori The place looks more like an oval top that serves the chapel. Since it is close to several malls, may be just what you need after shopping until you drop.

6. Esplanadi Park

Esplanade Park has become an excellent place to relax and busy Helsinki since 1812. This is a great place to see and be seen, to meet friends for a picnic or to attend a fashion show and a jazz concert. For this and other reasons, the park, located in the heart of Helsinki between two busy streets, very popular with the locals. This is where in which visitors & locals can enjoy a vast space of greenery, relaxing in an old cafe, or amused by all people, street performers for the orchestra. It is best known in Helsinki Park.

7. Cathedral Ouspensky

Ouspensky Cathedral, which pays tribute to the death of the Virgin Mary, is a magnificent building on the peninsula, Helsinki, where he dominated Helsinki. Oriental Orthodox Cathedral made of red brick with gilded dome and 13 domes, depicting the 12 apostles and Christ. It is the largest of the Orthodox Church in Western Europe. Built in the 1860s, it is a model of a 16th-century church, near Moscow. The church is full of icons and great lights, one of which is said to perform miracles. This is a good representation of the Russian influence in Finland, once a part of Russia.

8. Helsinki Cathedral

White Helsinki Cathedral is an impressive site when the sky is blue. This church was designed by the same architect who designed the Senate Square. It was formerly called the Church of St. After Tsar Nicholas of Russia, but the name was changed when Finland’s independence from Russia in 1917, the neoclassical Lutheran church, a building reminiscent of ancient Greece, is the seat of the Senate. Built in the 1830s the church has white columns and statues of the 12 apostles of zinc in the ceiling. If the bite in an unusual place obnoxious, coffee used to be the basement.

9. Suomenlinna

Can Suomenlinna in Finland, but the former maritime fortress built by the Swedes in the mid-eighteenth century as a protection against Russian invaders. It did not work in this case, given that Russia conquered Viapori, as it is known in Finland, in 1808. At one time, served as the Suomenlinna naval and warships made here. Located in six rocky islands Helsinki, Suomenlinna, which is known as the Castle of Finland, is accessible by ferry from Helsinki. It is one of most famous tourist attractions for tourists in Helsinki and the ideal place for a picnic in the summer, but it is open all year round.

10. Temppeliaukio Kirkko

If you want to visit only the church, go to Temppeliaukio Kirkko or Church Rock. This is an impressive Lutheran church built on a rock solid during the 20th century. Construction began in 1930 and then stopped during the Second World War. It started again in 1968 after the second design contest. The result is a rock solid interior, with the sun coming through a copper dome; The morning is an excellent time to visit as the sun illuminates the interior. Altar is cracked. The church has excellent acoustics and is often used as a concert hall.