Integrating mindfulness into daily living leads to lasting outcomes for Blue Ridge adolescents, young adults and their families

CLAYTON, GA, October 29, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Nestled in the scenic Blue Ridge mountains of Georgia and North Carolina, Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness serves as a pivot point for personal growth and hope for individuals and families in pursuit of holistic, outdoor mental health treatment. Recognizing the unique needs of each student, Blue Ridge Wilderness has adopted an individualized approach to create lasting outcomes for individuals and their families that is bolstered by a daily routine rooted in physical and mental wellbeing.

Mindfulness is interwoven throughout each individual and family’s experience at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness. Research suggests that mindfulness helps adolescents navigate stress and build emotional resilience, students are exposed to various mindfulness practices during their time in the program and are invited to engage in mindfulness practices on a daily basis.

A close companion to mindfulness, the ‘here-and-now’ approach is utilized at Blue Ridge as a method of assisting clients in developing awareness about their emotions, reactions, and relationships. The American Psychological Association defines ‘here-and-now’ as “the immediate situation,” wherein the approach consists of “emphasis on understanding present feelings and interpersonal reactions as they occur in an ongoing treatment session, with little or no emphasis on or exploration of past experience” in order to “heighten client awareness.”

Blue Ridge Executive Director, Danielle Hava, LCSW explains, “The therapeutic advantage of utilizing mindfulness and the here-and-now approach in our program is that every single moment presents an opportunity for our students to deepen self-awareness, and rewire the pathways that have led to maladaptive behaviors and patterns in their lives at home.”

Opportunities for mindful, therapeutic interventions are woven into the daily structure at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness. Some practices taught and facilitated in the program, such as gratitude journaling, mindful eating, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, and individual or group therapy are formally structured, while other opportunities for therapeutic intervention occur organically during daily activities such as hiking, playing, cooking, and simply working together in the milieu.

The professionally trained wilderness staff at Blue Ridge use mindfulness and in-the-moment awareness to ensure clients reach therapeutic goals and learn as they can while in the program. Hava explains, “Our field instructors spend days and weeks practicing and learning how to best support students in the moment, so the therapy is happening all the time—not just during sessions with the primary therapist.” She continues, “This is possible because of our incredible field staff who are the eyes and ears for students when the therapist is not present. They are aware of students’ therapeutic goals and assignments, and act as pillars of accountability for our clients during every waking moment of the day.”

About Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness

For over two decades, Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness has seamlessly integrated a holistic approach encompassing thorough assessment, holistic well-being, and therapeutic interventions rooted in the wilderness. The Blue Ridge mission is to equip adolescents, young adults, and their families with the essential skills required to effectively confront the complexities linked to anxiety, depression, family discord, and a spectrum of related challenges.

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