EP_COVER_PLAIN1Kasha is an American songwriter, singer and artist. It was still in her early years that she chose to become a start and follow her dream, leading her to the big stage. Born in Brooklyn, the young Kasha’s talents started to shine at the age of 5 when she started singing for the local church and glee choir. This continued throughout her years in elementary school and junior high. Besides singing her other passion was dancing, meanwhile in her free time she enjoyed skating and experimenting with different hair styles. Chasing after her dreams Kasha started taking vocal lessons at age of 6, accompanied with dancing lessons until the age of 13. It was Kasha’s mother that was the inspiration for her to become a star. At the time aside from being a role model for the young girl, she was her teacher and vocal trainer.

Tragic events led to the death of her mother, leaving the 14 years old Kasha and her siblings on their own. Tamiko, Kasha’s older sister, became the backbone of the family and started taking care of her younger brother and sister. She made sure that the family got everything they needed and that the youngsters didn’t stray from the right path, guiding them until they became adults. After the death of her mother Kasha went through the hardest time of her life, as she suffered from depression that led her away from her dream. Still a year after she started walking towards her goals again as, her loss made her stronger and more determined to become a star.
With her mother always inside her heart, Kasha started to educate herself about the music industry at the age of 16. She started reading about different aspects of music industry, copyrights, trademarks and what happened behind the stage. Her interest and thirst for more knowledge on the matter led her to ASCAP, where she could get even better music education. Kasha attended weekly meetings and through time got enough experience to start leaving her own mark on the music industry scene.

kasha_purpleIn 2011 Kasha was featured on Men’s World Magazine. Her single “I Want You” was noticed by the producer Todd Terry who created a remix of the original song. In 2012 the remix was released, followed by the original of “I Want You” several years later. The single was aired first on WBLS FM by Kevin Hedge and DJ Louie Vega in the end of 2014. The song became great success in no time, hitting National Top 50 Charts in the first week of release. After the immediate and overwhelming success of “I Want You” Kasha became featured on many music magazines across the world and got nominated for many music awards including R&B Soul Artist of the Year and R&B Soul Song of the Year for her overwhelming single.

Today Kasha is globally recognized singer and successful artist. She has now her own writing in ASCAP, as well as several articles about her path to success. Kasha is now promoting her new hit “Hero”, which is already available on the digital stores. In 2016 her fans can expect to see her in her National and International tours that are in development.

For more information, please visit www.iamkasha.com and follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/kashatodays