MetaTdex Lossless staking

DUBAI, UAE, March 11, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — MetaTdex Lossless staking, enjoy a first-phase annual yield up to 15%! With low threshold, low risk, high return and flexible choices, MetaTdex brings users a new experience of lossless mining.

MetaTdex Smart Pool is a USDT-margined financing product focused on single-token staking and lossless mining. In the MetaTdex smart pool, users are allowed to pledge USDT for different periods. After the pledge expires, users can redeem the principal and earn corresponding interests ( settled in TT).

MetaTdex Smart Pool Advanatges
– Low Threshold:
In the MetaTdex smart pool, the minimum pledge amount for a single user is 10 USDTs, lower than the investment threshold of concurrent staking products on the market.
– Low Risk:
The principal is guaranteed and the yields arrive quickly. The products pledged by MetaTdex Smart Pool users will be unlocked immediately after the locking period expires, with daily yield calculation and immediate final settlement. The arrival time for principal and yield withdrawal is T+1 00:00 (UTC+4).
– High Return:
The estimated first-phase (180 days) annual yield is as high as 15%. As the market price of TT continues to rise (In February 2023, both the price growth rate and holding yield of TT exceeded 70%), the actual total yields will surpass the estimated yields.
– 0 Transaction Fee:
Metatdex Smart Pool Product does not charge any transaction fee.
– Flexible Pledge Period :
MetaTdex Smart Pool provides users with flexible options for pledge period, including 7 days, 15 days, 60 days, 90 days and 180 days. Different pledge periods correspond to different annual yields. The longer the pledge period is, the higher the yields will be.

MetaTdex Smart Pool enables users to gain corresponding annual yields via pledging USDTs for different periods.

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