In the wake of Shincheonji’s online Bible courses gaining lots of attention due to the simple and clear explanation of the Bible, Shincheonji Chairman Man-Hee Lee gave a seminar to summarize the content with millions of viewers around the world

GWACHEON, KOREA, July 05, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — A full-length lecture on the Christian Bible’s book of Revelation was held on July 4th, at the Shincheonji Church of Jesus Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. This completed the church’s series of the Bible course with elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels that took about 9 months. This online seminar held on July 4th featured Chairman Man-hee Lee personally serving as a lecturer to conclude the Bible course series that had been livestreamed on YouTube.

This seminar was titled ‘The 66 Books of the Bible, the Secret of Heaven and the Evidence of the Revelation of the New Covenant – The Secret of the Book of Revelation to Be Revealed to World Pastors, Believers, and Journalists’.

In this seminar, which was broadcast all over the world through the official YouTube channel of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Chairman Lee began with the words, “If you have witnessed wrongly or if there are any abnormalities, please tell me”, referring to the testimony of the 12 tribes and church leaders that have been released so far in the Bible course.

Chairman Lee explained the course of creation and apostasy in the world of Adam, Noah, and Abraham, starting with God’s work of creating all things with the word, and revealed that Jesus fulfilled the prophecy that God promised through the Old Testament prophets after Solomon’s sin and betrayal against God.

According to the prophecy of Jeremiah 31, Jesus came and sowed God’s seed in Matthew 13 to create a new thing, and explained that he made a new covenant in Luke 22. Chairman Lee continued to testify that what Jesus wanted to accomplish in the new covenant was the book of Revelation, and that Jesus received this book of Revelation from God and fulfilled it today.

“We do not believe in Jesus unconditionally, but only when we check when, where, and to what extent Jesus’ promises have been fulfilled, so we can have certain faith,” said Chairman Lee.

Chairman Lee asked again, “If there is a word of life anywhere in the world right now, shouldn’t we have eternal life if we receive it? If God and Jesus are together and the word of eternal life comes from there, we must go there.”

Chairman Lee said, “If you have witnessed all of the Book of Revelation that no one knows about in this world, you know this because God has revealed it to you. If the Word is true, let us all come together as one in the Word and come before God.”

Lastly, Chairman Lee said, “Just as the Old Testament was fulfilled, so the New Testament has been fulfilled. We have told you all the important contents of the Book of Revelation and the Old and New Testaments. Be sure to record it and watch it again and again and become one with the Word.”

Meanwhile, the online seminar for elementary, intermediate, and advanced-level courses at the Shincheonji Zion Christian Mission Center held since October of last year was successfully completed with 21 million views. In addition, Shincheonji Church of Jesus announced that it is expected to produce 100,000 graduates from the Zion Christian Mission Center this year. The seminar of Chairman Man-Hee Lee, ’66 Books of the Bible, the Secret of Heaven and the Evidence of the Revelation of the New Covenant’, can be viewed through the official YouTube channel of Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

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