Chain of the most popular chains, and whether it’s worn with or without a pendant, the Cuban Link Chain is a great accessory for personalizing your style.

JACKSON, MS, December 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — What are the recent changes in the hip-hop jewelry trends? Besides the irresistible charm of Grillz, Cuban Link Chains are still trendy and continue to be a popular style. This is one of the most popular chains, and whether it’s worn with or without a pendant, the Cuban Link Chain is a great accessory for personalizing your style.

There are many different types of chains, such as Figaro Chain, Snake Chain, Franco Chain, and so on. But none of them are as important as the Cuban Link Chain, which has become the most essential element in Hip-Hop Jewelry. Today, let’s join ICEHIPHOP designers in learning more about the design philosophy of Hip-Hop Jewelry, and how design and innovation can be incorporated into products while keeping the original shape.

The Cuban Link Chain is the most common item created by designers. This chain is made of a series of rings, each of which has sufficient space, and the round rings are interlocked and closely arranged. The surface is relatively flat and has a twisted curvature, making it visually thicker and wider. Thus, the Cuban Link Chain is heavier than the Figaro Chain and Rope Chain with the same specifications. In addition to using colored zircons to enrich the color, the designers have recently started to use moissanite to simulate the brilliance of the diamonds for some high-quality chains that achieve a glamorous visual effect.

The Cuban Link Chain comes in a variety of styles, one of which is the Miami Cuban Chain, a smooth, flat chain with no jewelry inlay that’s understated, simple and stylish. This type of chain is a great test of the designer’s skills, as different Miami Cuban Chains can have varying effects. Examples include the Open Curb Chain, Closed Curb Chain, Rounded Curb Chain, and so on. Different styles can be achieved by adjusting the tightness or thickness of the chain.

Figaro Chain
This type of chain is composed of 3 rings of the same size, which are linked to a larger chain ring, and repeated to the desired length. Compared to the Cuban Chain, it’s lighter and has a more delicate texture. But unlike the Cuban Chain, the Figaro Chain offers a touch of elegance, which makes it one of the chains designers like to create the most. Designers will consider adding other elements to enhance the texture, such as with the jewel-encrusted Pave Figaro Chain or pearls to present a yuppie look.

Franco Chain
The production principle for the Franco Chain is similar to that of the previous models, which are all interlocking. However, unlike the Cuban and the Figaro, the Franco Chain is not designed to be linked one to the other, but rather crossed in a staggered way so that each ring is linked together as much as possible to make it denser. This interlocking design not only makes the Franco Chain more solid, but also more three-dimensional in its visual effect. Furthermore, the designers will try to change the metallic texture of the Franco Chain and use more colors to present varied effects.

We hope that ICEHIPHOP designers will deliver more creative ideas so that each piece of jewelry can reveal its own style and characteristics.

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