Blooming Vietnamese Cuisine installs several Navia Robotics service robots to save on operational costs and improve customer service despite labor shortage in the current economy

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Navia Robotics is a robotics and automation company based out of Los Angeles, California that is a leader in implementing and deploying service robots for the restaurant/food service and hospitality industries. Navia Robotics brings its extensive experience in automation technologies and close interaction with restaurateurs to deploy service robots with the highest customer satisfaction.

Blooming Vietnamese Cuisine is a Vietnamese restaurant in operation for nearly a decade in Cerritos, California. With the current labor shortage and rising costs across the board for food ingredients, many considerations were made to select the best service robot to accommodate their operations. Their decision to deploy the Navia Kettybot and Navia Bellabot was made to not only save on labor costs, but also to improve the restaurant patron’s dining experience and service satisfaction. Simple tasks of delivering food to the tables can easily be handled by the robots in a safe, expeditious manner, especially with more delicate dishes, beverages and hot soups.

Restaurant workers were initially apprehensive about the implementation of service robots, especially with concerns it can replace them, but once trained, it’s quickly realized the robots are complementary to manned staff and do not operate without a handler to initiate tasks. Wait staff are quick to catch on with their deployment as it provides them safety, in particular with hot beverages and soups that could spill or splash or hot plates that could burn their hands or arms. The robots can deliver 4 trays worth of food weighing nearly a hundred pounds, something no human can match, while delivering it safely right up to the patron’s dining table. The repetitive task of going back and forth from the kitchen to table is minimized, allowing wait staff to focus their time in the dining area to provide better, quicker service to patrons. With the robots in operation, response time to the needs of patrons was improved by a factor of three while maintaining the same amount of wait staff.

The decision to deploy multiple robots began with the fact two robots were substantially lower in cost per month than the monthly wages of a single wait staff while being available any time, any day without last minute sick days or other no shows. The robots are reliable and with quick charging capabilities, long battery life and even hot-swappable batteries on some models, they can work around the clock with minimal downtime. Food courts, fast food, fast casual, casual dining, premium casual, family style restaurants and banquet halls, all can benefit from the service robots and can also be adapted for use in drive-thru applications and outdoor dining.

New features and patent pending capabilities are being implemented with the relentless R&D efforts Navia Robotics puts at the core of the company’s mission. Ideas and innovations other robotics firms haven’t even conceived are mature and deployed by Navia Robotics with expertise designing and installing robots in various different environments and situations. Hundreds of thousands of patrons are being served every month across the country with many more deployments ongoing. A dining experience revolution is at hand with the advanced technologies Navia Robotics is bringing to the market. Navia Robotics is providing a no obligation trial for restaurants interested in seeing whether service robots are a match for their operations.

Navia Robotics is a robotics development company with extensive experience in both automation hardware and software. Having seen the traditional inefficiencies in the food service and hospitality industry before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Navia Robotics worked closely with many restaurants across various different operational models and geographies to fine tune the requirements of the market.

For all inquiries and to join in on the dining experience of the future, please refer to the contact below to get in touch with Navia Robotics.

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