Our model combines all of the things you love about private practice with the knowledge and backing of a corporate group.

HOLLYWOOD, FL, April 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — ApZme’s new approach is dedicated to managing the administrative functions of dental and dental sleep medicine practices by introducing and integrating lean operating principles and process improvements to decrease the stress of providers while increasing profitability.

But unlike traditional DSO’s, the ApZme DPO preserves the dentist ownership model through a partnership with onsite, hands-on administration of the dental team and all other non-clinical functions.

“We are an affiliation of dentists and dental sleep medicine practitioners utilizing a common platform of services, processes, and systems…positioning our practices for growth and potential exit strategy that rewards our partners far beyond what an individual practice can do on its own but, most importantly, maintains ownership interest,” said Angela Haralson, COO.

Like many business sectors, the dental industry over the past several years has been experiencing a transition with consolidation including buyouts through DSO’s, mergers, private equity acquisitions and other trends.

Haralson mentions, “Many dental practices are drawn to efficiencies that chains (multi-location and DPOs) can bring to individual practices, which these days include sophisticated medical billing, marketing and technology.” She added, “Our partnership model allows the dental practitioner to focus on providing patient care while ApZme manages all of those back-office aspects of the business.”

“I was seeking a way to leverage my costs in terms of group discounts and pricing without having to join a really big group. I got that and so much more. After just 3 months of joining ApZme, my office is consistently surpassing our goals and I am able to get out of the office on time for the first time in 14 years! A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.” said Dr. Ronny Rosenbaum of Pembroke Pines, Florida.

ApZme has already made four acquisitions representing seven dental and dental sleep medicine offices. Acquisitions thus far are located in Texas, Georgia and Florida while ApZme is in early talks with practices around the country.

Dr. Kent Smith of Texas was one of the first practice partnerships. “ApZme has brought a community of dentists and dental sleep medicine specialist together and created a new model that benefits everyone.” He added, “They brought all the business acumen to grow our business, so I along with our team were freed up to focus on excellent patient care.”

“According to the latest data from the American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute, there’s been a downward trend in solo owner/practitioners since 1999. At that time, 65% of U.S. dentists ran solo practices, but by 2019 only 50.3% of dentists practiced in this manner.” 1

“In 2017 7.4% of all practicing dentists were affiliated with a DSO. This number grew to 10.4% in 2020 – a 40% increase.” 2

“A recent survey of dental professionals found that 7% of dentists are considering affiliating with a DSO or merging their practices as a result of the pandemic.” 3

Additionally, as the industry keeps consolidating, groups that decide to grow may fare better than smaller groups. Larger groups will have more bargaining power for supplies, they will offer more security to affiliated practices, and they will likely have more scalable systems among many other things. As the trend grows, the competitive advantages of the multi-location / DPO model are likely to put downward pressure on single location, mom-and-pop practices.

“Founder and CEO Rani Ben-David, I’ve been working on creating a specialty dental and dental sleep medicine organization for the last 15 years, we are always stronger as a group and when I was able to partner with Dr. Kent Smith and Dr. Jeff Rodgers to build this group, I knew we were creating a culture of excellence. No one has educated more dentist than SGS with our top notch KOLs and we have hundreds of dentists expressing interest in joining APZME, our goal is to selectively add practices across the entire US over the next two years.

Based on industry trends and projections as this, ApZme anticipates a growth model close to fifty dental practices within two-years.

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With 103 years of combined dental and dental sleep medicine experience our leadership team has the skills and knowledge to advance your practice whether you are an established practice or just starting your DSM journey.

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