Ryah gives listeners an infusion of pop music with a twist of a rhythm and blues vibe.

NEW YORK, NY, February 06, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — In our society, music transcends the culture that shapes trending daily topics. East coast pop urban songstress, Ryah Moore, delivers this same substance in her debut EP project entitled “Elements Of Me” that drops worldwide on February 21, 2020. Removing being boxed in one music genre, Ryah gives listeners an infusion of pop music with a twist of a rhythm and blues vibe. Pop music has become more of an umbrella of genres of music that has no limits to listeners today, so the project delivers a storyline of upbeat energy, soothing melodies, and lyrics undefined. Ryah takes you on a ride of undeniable relatability, a nonstop vibe and just capturing a vision for the elements in yourself. The EP project consist of -7- records including her most recent single releases “Something In The Water,” and the latest track entitled “Wild Birds.”

“There are so many layers and elements about Ryah Moore as a woman that aligned me with my purpose on a deeper level. I am now ready to share this experience and my story. It’s honestly a project full of vibes relatable to any music connoisseur, lol. #ElementsOfMe is about a self-gratifying journey and its inspirational. In all, its “Elements Of Me” that I am sharing with the world.” – adds Ryah Moore.

About Ryah Moore

Ryah Moore is something of an anomaly. She is a singer, songwriter and entertainer; an artist of immense passion who was born for the stage, not made. Her precocious vocal skills were evident early on as she had the ability to effortlessly belt out complicated harmonies with emotional resonance that suggested talent and wisdom beyond her young years. However, with a birth name that translates to “God is my teacher,” the emerging icon has always been destined for greatness.

Hailing from the small town of Suffern, NY, Ryah refuses to be pigeonholed. She creates material in a variety of genre-blending styles by fusing pop, rock and soul, which add to her unique melodic magic. Her powerful voice, simmering in modern sophistication and steeped in throwback rhythm and blues, puts her in a category all her own. And her voice is not the only instrument she has been gifted; she also fundamentally plays the keys as the result of piano classes and professional training. From an early age, Ryah sang in the church choir and continued to develop her skills by taking vocal lessons. An ambitiously curious wunderkind, she participated in a school talent show as part of a girl group for fun although the experience amplified her love for performing. At 16, she explored acting and was signed to Xist Talent Agency in Edgewater, NJ. The pint-sized powerhouse landed extra roles on prominent shows such as “Law and Order SVU,” “Cupid” and “Old Dogs,” to name a few.

Heavily influenced by Christina Aguilera (“I love how powerful her voice is”), Demi Lovato (“Her music inspires me”), Prince (“Everything about him is captivating”), Alicia Keys (“She sings and plays the piano flawlessly”) and Michael Jackson (“He is the king of pop and an all-around entertainer”), Ryah aspires to be an influential pop icon of the new generation. Her music, which is rooted in authentic storytelling, runs the emotional gamut from vulnerable matters of the heart and thought-provoking compositions, to celebratory anthems. However, every conceptual lyric, hook and melody is always based on Ryah expressing her truth.

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