Renee Zawawi is the first artist in the music business history to have released 12 music videos in one year! Renee Zawawi is a multi talent personality, a professional photographer, a filmmaker, and a vocalist with stellar radio chart activity!

NEW YORK, NY, January 26, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — When she is not wowing crowds with her music – she’s making history. Renee Zawawi is truly one of a kind. She is first artist ever to release twelve music videos in one calendar year! Renee is definitely a pioneer. She is blazing trails in music, music videos, and photography.

Renee Zawawi, who dazzled us with her debut hit “Happy Hour,” now has eight versions of the song available on Spotify and iTunes. Each of the songs feature Renee collaborating alongside all – star musicians. Tim Pierce (Guitar, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart), Michelle Parnell (Keyboard, Meredith Brooks, Brian Setzer), Matt Laug (Drums, Alanis Morisette, Slash), Jeff Babko (Rhodes, Hammond B3, Jimmy Kimmel, James Taylor), Rafael Padilla (Percussion, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Michael Buble), Marcus Colbert & Manuel Rojas (Rapping). Renee Zawawi wrote the Happy Hour song at a small bar in Quebec City, “Happy Hour gives friends a chance to meet and fall in love over snacks and beverages, artwork and live music!” The song is produced by Grammy award winning Tom Weir and Arranged by Michael Parnell. Music isn’t Renee’s only artistic talent. She is also a budding filmmaker!

Renee has created, written, and produced videos for her hit songs: “American Girl,” “One Time in Italy,” “Mom,” “Papa,” and “Happy Hour.” She did all of this while she was a college student! And all the while she was making sweet music and videos to go along with the music – she was able to stay focused on her studies. She went on to graduate from college with dual degrees (Bachelor of Arts and Science). From there, Renee has been steadily blazing trails for herself. After rebounding from heartbreak and injury, she went on to re-release the studio version of her “Legends” Album and “Gallery show”. Renee has garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike. There is no reason not to expect more of the same in 2018. Renee Zawawi recently reunites with her long time manger Roger Paul and attends together the Grammy After Party. I bet you didn’t see that one coming!

Like a true film pioneer, Renee has created, written, and produced her own music videos : “American Girl,” “One Time In Italy,” “Mom,” “Papa,” and “Happy Hour,” while she was in college! Renee graduated with dual degrees and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science. Renee Zawawi is a multi – talented personality. She is a professional photographer, a filmmaker, and a vocalist with stellar radio charts activities.

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