Pleasanton, CA, June 07, 2018 –(– Everyone loves a summer holiday; summer is always a good time for children to refresh and reboot. However, most educators think that parents should be concerned about the effect that the long break between school years can have on a child's learning progress. The benefits of a holiday season have positive impacts on the lives of school-going children. However, taking a long break may cause difficulties in the academic lives of pupils. Experts in the education arena call this effect the "summer brain drain," a term referring to a student’s loss of academic gains during summer season. Expert reviews suggest that some students can lose up to 3 months’ worth learning during summer due to academic inactivity. In the case of challenging subjects such as math and science, young scholars need additional effort to rebuild their academic momentum.

Growing Stars’ Summer Enrichment Program

Growing Stars, Inc., a leading service provider of effective and advanced online learning in the U.S., offers summer enrichment programs for K-12 students. Growing Stars’ summer programs help children to add depth to their school studies in the upcoming academic year. With its demonstrated academic excellence and proven market record, Growing Stars has developed programs aimed to help the specific needs of American school children, including: meeting the challenges of the next grade; firming up grasp of fundamentals by reviewing and reinforcing math concepts and skills; Test Prep; language programs; and IT courses.

A summer enrichment program can transform the vacation period into a learning and fun-filled time for students, because they get an opportunity to learn, while still having plenty of time for their vacation recreation. Students who participate in learning activities such as summer enrichment programs retain more of what they have learned and remain mentally sharp. It is not at all mandatory that students attend daily online sessions; they can do several classes a week to get a head start for the next school year, in subjects such as Math, English, and AP courses. Summer programs in a relaxed environment not only maintain but also enrich a student’s subject skills and self-confidence.

Almost all students are excited by the prospect of summer vacation. However, there are significant educational drawbacks to taking time off from all things school-related. With Growing Stars’ summer enrichment programs, parents can prevent the summer learning loss and keep their child's skills fresh and help them make a strong start in the new school year. The summer learning program offered by Growing Stars is designed to match students’ individual paces and needs – students of all skill levels will find this program adaptable to their own unique requirements. With individually tailored curricula and one-on-one tutoring sessions, Growing Stars – the pioneers in live online tutoring – helps children develop a renewed interest in learning, resulting in better study skills and higher achievement.

Fun-filled Summer Learning

Summer break should be a fun time for students to de-stress and unwind after a long school year. If children want to retain knowledge that they acquired during the previous school year, they would be well-advised to try a flexible summer learning program that does not affect the fun of vacation. Growing Stars is committed to helping students identify any needed areas of improvement. During our summer program, students can gain an upper hand in their academic lives. With the help of Growing Stars, parents can limit the summer ‘brain drain’ affecting their offspring.

Biju Abraham Mathew, founder and CEO of Growing Stars Inc. said, “Growing Stars is proud to offer highly effective one-on-one online tutoring sessions for school children during the summer vacation. Our highly-qualified tutors put their hearts into their work when they prepare for, and deliver, tutoring sessions tailored for each student’s unique needs so students will have a great academic year ahead.”

About Growing Stars, Inc.

Growing Stars, Inc., one of the best online tutoring services in the United States, has rolled out summer programs to help students maintain academic excellence they gained throughout the school year. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, Growing Stars operates a teaching hub in India offering effective, convenient, and affordable one-on-one live online tutoring to K-12 students around the globe. With a proven track record and years of successful operation, Growing Stars continues to help thousands of students every year to attain better grades in school, and to earn spots at top-notch universities.

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