Attorney Dan Carman explains what happens when you go to court for a DUI.

LEXINGTON, KY, December 21, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Getting arrested for a DUI can be scary. You may not understand the legal process or even know what type of penalty you are facing, especially if you have never been to court before. After your arrest, you may want to get in touch with a DUI lawyer to ensure you understand the next steps.

You’ve Been Arrested for DUI, Now What?
Attorney Dan Carman is experienced with DUI cases in Kentucky. He explains, “When you are arrested for DUI, you might be wondering what happens when you go to court. If you are convicted, you’ll face a revoked license and an ignition interlock device.” In other words, penalties can be harsh.


When you go to court, the judge will initially ask for your plea at a proceeding called an arraignment. You can plead guilty or not guilty. At this time, the judge will determine whether you will be subject to a bond in order to secure your appearance in future court proceedings. You may or may not have to deposit money with the court in order to secure the bond.

After arraignment, there might be further hearings. The discovery process begins, during which your attorney will get information from the State about the type of evidence they will present against you at trial. Your attorney may file pretrial motions to challenge certain things, like the admissibility of a blood or breath test. Attorneys also begin to formulate trial strategies at this stage of the proceedings.


In Kentucky, you may have a bench trial or a jury trial. A bench trial is where the judge is the only person who hears the evidence and takes the place of the jury. At the end of the trial, either the judge or the jury will decide as to your guilt.


After trial, especially if you are found guilty, your attorney may file motions with the court or appeal your conviction. If you are found guilty, you will be sentenced for your DUI conviction. If this isn’t your first offense DUI, you may be sentenced to jail time. Your driver’s license will be revoked, and you will be subject to fines and penalties as well.

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