Strategic Synergies: Unleashing Potential in AI and Real Estate Through Expert Communication and Innovation

NEW YORK, NY, May 16, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — In a strategic expansion, River North Communications, a prestigious women-owned strategic communications firm acclaimed for its expertise in traditional & digital assets, legal services, and bespoke technology solutions, proudly announces new partnerships with three trailblazers in technology: Deep Market Making (Deep MM), PressW, and Inova Property. As the newly appointed agency of record, River North will leverage its extensive industry experience to provide comprehensive PR, marketing, and advisory services, significantly enhancing the visibility and growth of each of these cutting-edge companies.

Kelly Ferraro, Founder & CEO of River North Communications, articulates her vision: “Our foray into AI, deep tech, and real-world asset tokenization is a pivotal milestone for River North. Over the past almost seven years, we’ve cultivated formidable ties within the blockchain and crypto sectors. With co-founder Mark Ferraro’s deep engagement in AI since his tenure at JP Morgan & Co. in 2015, our collective expertise has forged a gateway to innovation. We’re excited to channel this powerhouse of knowledge to propel our clients—leaders in their respective domains—to unparalleled heights.”

Deep Market Making (Deep MM) is at the forefront of transforming financial markets with its pioneering AI and data analytics. With a legacy of expertise from the world’s foremost banks and tech firms, Deep MM is set to revolutionize its approach to credit data and trading. Their advanced machine-learning models simplify complex data integrations, offering real-time insights that boost the effectiveness and profitability of traders and portfolio managers.

Nathaniel Powell, CEO of Deep MM, asserts, “Our AI technologies think like corporate credit traders & analysts and are able to handle many orders of magnitude more complexity in the marketplace than traditional quant models and formulas. ​​We are thrilled to collaborate with River North Communications, whose strategic PR expertise will play a crucial role in amplifying our innovative solutions to a global audience.”

PressW, a pioneering generative AI for automated workflows, is at the forefront of generative AI, offering solutions that automate complex workflows and replace manual processes. Their technology is tailored to client-specific data, ensuring seamless integration and significant efficiency improvements during the Audit and Implementation phases.

PressW leads the charge in generative AI, revolutionizing automated workflows. Tailored to specific client data, their solutions streamline complex processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity across operational phases.

Tarun Thummala, Co-Founder of PressW, remarks, “Our Generative AI solutions transcend mere tool status; they’re changing the fundamental way that businesses are run today. We are eager to amplify our message and showcase our advancements, and are delighted to partner with River North to help us achieve this.”

Inova Property has revolutionized the real estate investment landscape with its three-tier investment strategy. By leveraging blockchain technology for private tokenizations, Inova acquires, renovates, and sells high-end properties, focusing on short-term flips in the luxury Dubai market. This innovative approach offers investors significant ROI and greater flexibility than traditional long-term rental strategies.

Furthermore, Inova is poised to enhance investor engagement by launching a profit-sharing model. This model will allow token holders to benefit from Flip and Hold serviced tokens, creating a dynamic ecosystem for investor involvement.

Cody van Tonder, Co-Founder of Inova Property, noted, “By focusing on tokenized real estate in Dubai’s dynamic market, we provide our investors with a unique opportunity to partake in one of the most vibrant real estate markets worldwide. Our strategic partnership with SchindlersX ensures that all investments are secure and comply with regulatory standards. We are also excited to collaborate with River North Communications, leveraging their expertise to enhance our public relations efforts and expand our market presence significantly.”

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