Victoria, TX July 21, 2022 –(– Byrd Enterprises recently announced the availability of their new Shopping Cart Armrest Handles for integration into the existing shopping carts of major retailers. Shopping Cart Armrest Handles are patented shopping cart implements designed to improve the shopping experience of in-store retail customers who are mobile enough to use a shopping cart but suffer from impairments and/or pains that may limit the amount of time they can spend upright and the distance they can cover. This solution protects customers’ dignity and promotes self-reliance while giving them extra confidence due to improved stability and balance. It also provides comfort and relief for able-bodied shoppers who become fatigued during extended shopping excursions.

Shopping Cart Armrest Handles are designed to be user-friendly, comfortable, durable, and easily maintained. A push-button latch mechanism allows for the quick adjustment of the armrest height in one-inch increments to accommodate a range of statures. The wide, rounded armrests provide an ergonomic surface upon which to transfer a portion of a customer’s body weight to the shopping cart to reduce the load on their lower extremities and back. They allow the customer to easily steer the cart while staying engaged with the supportive armrests.

Armrest Handles can be incorporated into new or refurbished carts with minimal disruption to current production or remanufacturing lines since the outer telescoping tube is the only part that interfaces directly with the cart. The armrest T-handle (with inner telescoping tube) and latch assemblies can be manufactured in parallel and combined with the cart downstream.

Product justifications:

– Accommodate explosive growth of “Baby Boomers” needing assistance
– Provide functional mobility for moderately-disabled shoppers
– Increase dwell time and promote impulse spending potential
– Create differentiation and competitive advantage for retailer

Exclusive rights

Byrd Enterprises is seeking an exclusive rights licensing agreement with a major retailer or shopping cart manufacturer. Their intellectual property includes a US utility patent (#11,059,508, issued July 2021) along with a pending US design patent and several pending international design patents. As a condition of a licensing agreement, Byrd Enterprises is prepared to work closely with a cart manufacturer to provide a full transfer of technical knowledge and lessons learned to guarantee the best possible final product and seamless integration into current carts.

About Byrd Enterprises

Byrd Enterprises is a father-son design team from Victoria, Texas with multiple patents and four decades of combined product development experience.

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