Two Initial Steps Are Holding Reforestation Budget for new nationwide water infrastructure and water management are critical for current mega drought for economic success!

SAN DIEGO, CA, July 08, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The new book, “Mega Cycle of Water,” advises there is no reforestation without water on page 4. USA can deploy First Mega Cycle of Water and at the same time saving billions in drought damages, lower the cost of having fresh water, redevelop rural communities, solve the problem of flooding and homelessness; plus, increase economic growth with a greater level of water management that never before the world seen and deployed.

Though Saudi Arabia has a huge desert with lack of natural resource(s) of fresh water, Saudi Arabia aims to plant 10 billion trees in the coming decades, and work with other Arab states to plant an additional 40 billion trees with the hope of reduce carbon emissions. How will these trees survive with the lack of water? ( … SKBN2BJ0O3)

Since 1978, China has been building a Green Wall between Mongolia and China at Gobi Desert which is the Fifth Largest Desert. After more than 40 years’ of hard work, China’s Green Wall Mega Plan shows/yields very saddening and poor results when is view by satellite at,100.3853875,57230 … 104.195397

How are these two countries keep planting trees without improving water access first to keep the trees alive? USA can have great near future economic success if first pause reforestation budget, then invest in new fresh water infrastructure for reforestation and food sustainability.

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