“Freight Broker My Way is the best blog for different professions in Logistics, especially for Freight Brokers and Dispatchers who are aided and supported with an earnest message of motivation and affirmation in various different ways and channels.”

Freight Broker My Way, a blog website dedicated to helping people in the Logistics business in a multimedia way, opens its arms to all potential talents in the industry as they can provide with all resources and tools to come into their own in a multimedia format.

Their services primarily constitute that of information sharing in a holistic fashion, and there are many points that disseminate themselves for promoting ‘positive thinking’. The services of Freight Broker My Way is fully and effectively available as a ‘bundle treat’ through the blog site at www.freightbroker-myway.com. It contains all possible information for a Dispatcher or a Freight Broker to become successful alongside every other entity working in the industry.

Based on the information provided by the blog, they also support their services across a wide variety of channels. Most notably, the book by the name of ‘Freight Broker with Care’ is a full guide for any such professional to start a business earnestly and be on the pathway to reap growing benefits and success. It is fully available for reading across a multitude of platforms, each of which could be found on https://books2read.com/u/m2xd86. But, that’s not all as there is also a full-fledged Freight Broker online training course available at https://www.freightbrokertrainercourse.com, which will also provide certification when one completes it. The course, in essence, acts both as a descriptive and interactive guide, as well as a measurement of expectations of what companies at large expect people in that very job position to perform and showcase.

Additionally, Freight Broker My Way also has a YouTube Channel, which posts video updates regarding the information and resources of value in a really interactive way. A complete song filled with daily motivational and affirmation value is one of the highlights, and it is called ‘Daily Logistics Affirmations’. The song can inimitably improve performance during the working hours everywhere- from trucking companies to elevators, caller tunes, and during call waits and is available across all streaming platforms widely available on the internet. The YouTube video for it can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt9sqfQcCQk&feature=youtu.be. The ‘Proud to Dispatch Shop Online Shopify Store’ is driven upon the basis of a niche application and has positive impressions to be related to the entire industry at once. One can access the link https://proud-to-dispatch-shop.freightbroker-myway.com/, and start buying clothing as a show of confidence and belief in this greatly influential line of work.

It is evident that Freight Broker My Way offers many things to the people in the industry, and has achieved much in the way of teaching people how to become better at their jobs and succeed. More than anything, it aims at creating a positive outlook for people who work day and night for a great extent of their lives. In that way, everyone can come together to enhance the work done by the entire industry as a whole.


Freight Broker My Way was created and now is operated by Tosh Cole who has had 18 years of experience in the field of logistics. This has directly related to the effective mastery of everything about Logistics, including all relevant concepts and strategies for benefit. The aim of the blog, as well as its services, are exceptionally focused on making competent and expert freight brokers all around. They teach, without any concomitant quality, all the ‘ins and outs’ of setting up a business and operate it on a longitudinal frame of time. Moreover, they also provide assistance in person when called upon to do so, in addition to its multimedia information sharing. 

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