McCoy & Hiestand Fights for Justice on Behalf of Pain Management Negligence Victims

LOUISVILLE, KY, May 30, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Attorney Sheila Hiestand is filing a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of her client, Savonia Esters, who suffered serious health complications and crippling pain while under care at the Restorative Pain Institute in Louisville. Nurse practitioner Matthew Elkins, employed at the clinic, was found to have stolen patients’ pain medication and replaced syringes with sodium chloride.

Sheila Hiestand finds the lack of interest in patient care at an institutional level alarming. Also, Matthew Elkins stealing and replacing pain medication for months without raising suspicions or getting caught highlights a major oversight and failure in the system.

Savonia Esters is just one of the numerous victims who were exposed to unnecessary pain due to the actions of Matthew Elkins and the Restorative Pain Institute’s negligence. According to an investigation by John Boel for WAVE 3, Savonia Esters recalls that during an LMPD investigation, an officer told her that she was victim number 15. However, the exact number of victims is not known yet publicly.

By coming forward, additional victims can help build a stronger case against those responsible and ensure that systemic changes are made to prevent future misconduct. McCoy & Hiestand wants to empower victims to step forward and fight for justice.

Under Kentucky’s one-year statute of limitations, it is important to act quickly. The experienced team of medical malpractice lawyers at McCoy & Hiestand offers compassionate guidance to victims. They fight to hold the negligent parties accountable and recover compensation for the victims.

Pain management helps maintain quality of life. When healthcare institutions and nurses fail in their duty to alleviate pain and, what is more, end up harming patients, they should be held accountable. Victims of pain management negligence can reach out to McCoy & Hiestand today to learn more about their right to seek compensation.

About McCoy & Hiestand

McCoy & Hiestand is a client-centered personal injury law firm dedicated to helping injured victims throughout Kentucky rebuild their lives. Chad McCoy and Sheila Hiestand have over 60 combined years of trial experience, during which they went up against some of the biggest insurance companies in the country.

One of the firm’s core values is to treat all clients as family members. They provide compassionate support to those who have suffered, ensuring that their voices are heard. While navigating the legal complexities of medical malpractice claims can feel intimidating, you can trust them to simplify the process.

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