This year, 17 projects in 8 areas including contact – free collaboration, remote education & evaluation etc.

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency announced that through supporting the business of the ‘activation of contact – free leading services in life-related sectors’, they were able to discover and foster 17 companies that are digitally leading the contact – free service and produced various achievements domestically and overseas.

This business aims for specific realization of the ‘inclusive digital society, creating a safer and more comfortable living environment’, suggested by the government in the ‘Korean Digital Strategy’. For this, they focused on upgrading services and supporting overseas expansion for digital companies in the contact – free service sector.

As the second project following last year, the activation of contact – free leading services in life-related sectors, is a business that supports the demonstration and spread of the contact – free service models in the areas that are closely related to life in order to proactively respond to the big shift to become contact – free after covid-19.

This year, 17 projects in 8 areas including contact – free collaboration, remote education & evaluation etc., were selected, and with the support such as demonstration support, IR consulting, investment attraction briefing, and global promotional marketing for digital companies, excellent results were achieved.

‘Insighter’, a company that specializes in bigdata solutions, uses bigdata and the AI technology to analyze the kids’ drawings, and they developed and demonstrated a contact – free children psychoanalysis service that provides various psychological tests called the ‘imomtae’.

Amid the recently increasing public interest in child psychology, a large decrease in social and economic costs due to mental and behavioral disorders of children is expected as the burden of time and money for psychological counseling is eased. Meanwhile, this service has secured new demand sources by signing business agreements to provide services with Goyang City Hall, Goyang Academy Association, and the Iksan Children’s Center in Jeollabuk-do.

‘JCF Technology’, which is a health information solution company, advanced the ‘McKare Solution’, which is an AI and cloud-based platform service.

It’s a service that is based on the doppler from the microphone, and it uses contact free bio-signal sensors to monitor the health status of the elderly as well as responding to various emergency situations such as falling, checking vital signs, etc.

Commercialization is nearing with the recent demonstrations conducted of total 250 beds in nursing homes and hospitals all over the country. When the service is commercialized, it is expected that a contact free social safety net will be established as it expands to various services such as the health care service, elderly care service, contact – free health monitoring service, and the emergency response system. Furthermore, overseas expansion is becoming realized through signing contracts of more than a hundred thousand dollars in the Middle East, and the conducting local demonstrations for export to Europe.

‘Infocar’, which is Korea’s No. 1 company in the OBD2(On Board Diagnostics)-based car management sector, developed the mechanic-in-my-hand, ‘Infocar’; it is an AI-based smart vehicle management service, that detects vehicle abnormalities while driving, and informs the user of required repairs and remaining mileage.

The smart vehicle management system of Infocar showed outstanding technical and business assistance outcomes as a vehicle maintenance service that detects vehicle abnormalities while driving and informs the user of repairs required and the remaining mileage. The ISO 15765-2 (CAN-Bus communication standard) technology was applied to this service, and 16 language packs including English, Chinese, and German are provided for international services. Currently around 10 million users have downloaded the Infocar service, and 90% of the main users are overseas customers. In order to expand the global market, they are continuously upgrading the data-based algorithm.

Seong-Wan Hong, Director General for Information and Communication Industry of the Ministry of Science and ICT, announced, “The value and role of the digital in the contact – free service sector is increasing around the world, and we need to use this well, as an opportunity to expand overseas for our leading digital companies. We will continue to support generously so that the contact – free services naturally permeate into our daily lives, and that all citizens will not be excluded from the digital benefits.”

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