Tokyo, Japan, March 20, 2018 –(– Piascore announced that as of March 14th, 2018, the company-developed apps have achieved more than 10 million total downloads. (*)

* This total is based on the 7 apps below.

– Smart Digital Music Score Reader “Piascore”
– Remote Page Turning Controller “Piascore Air”
– Tuner by Piascore
– Tuner Lite by Piascore
– Metronome by Piascore
– Metronome Lite by Piascore
– Playable with Chord & Sheet Music “Piano+”

The below data without notation is data from the Apple App Store (iTunes Connect).

Popular Music Apps

Beginning with the Smart Digital Music Score Reader “Piascore” app, released in December 2010, their apps have garnered popularity, with the release of the Chromatic Instrument Tuner “Tuner by Piascore” and the “Metronome by Piascore” app. These apps, despite only having iOS versions, were able to achieve a total of 10 million downloads. Piascore never used boosted advertising or other means to attain these downloads; the number of users grew organically. Furthermore, the user base still continues to grow, even seven years after release.

Users Around the World

Of the users who use all of the apps, around 77% are from overseas, and the apps are particularly popular in United States.

The Smart Digital Music Score Reader “Piascore” app is used by musicians the world over, professional and amateur alike. The “Tuner by Piascore” app always occupies a top spot in the music category on the world’s App Stores, including those of United States, Japan and China.

The Piascore apps are also used widely in the educational field, and they have been introduced at many schools, primarily in English-speaking countries like United States and Australia. 8.2% of all downloads (840,000) are education-related.

In addition, with regard to reviews on the App Store, Piascore’s apps have attained an excellent rating of 4.5 (5.0 being the max) in almost all countries, and its Japanese-developed UI/UX is being well-received by the world.

As you can see, the company's apps have been rated highly worldwide, and have become standards for the world's musicians and instrument lovers.

On Our Future

Piascore will work to make "a beautiful world where every person hits the notes" a reality, and continue to advance music IT projects that leverage technology. In the future, we will develop functions invaluable for practice, like using the cloud for instruments or functions for managing practice recordings, further advance our cooperation with sheet music publishers and music-oriented educational institutions, and continue to propose new forms of music communication.

About Piascore, Inc.

Piascore, Inc. is a music technology company founded in May 2010 on the vision of "creating a beautiful world where every person hits the notes." The company primarily develops and operates the smart digital music score app "Piascore," as well as a sheet music store.

Piascore, Tuner and other music apps handled by Piascore, Inc. have been used by over 10 million users worldwide, and are used regularly by professional musicians. That number is also distinctive for being comprised of more than 77% overseas users.

In 2011, Piascore received a Distinguished Honoree Award at the International Business Awards in the Consumer Entertainment / Information Division, won at the 4th SF NewTech Japan Night in 2012, and was also selected as a finalist at the IVS 2012 Spring Launch Pad.

In addition, president Hiroyuki Koike, formerly a Sony software engineer, was selected as a "Super creator' in the Information-technology Promotion Agency's "Exploratory IT Human Resources Project.”

Smart Digital Music Score App "Piascore"
Piascore Sheet Music Store

Company Profile
Name: Piascore, Inc. * Changed from Plusadd, Inc. in 2018
President/CEO: Hiroyuki Koike
Launch: 2010/05/06
Address: 〒150-0031
Hill Maison Shibuya 203
22-14, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Business details: Smart Digital Music Score "Piascore"

About President/CEO Hiroyuki Koike
Attended Tsukuba University for undergraduate and graduate school, where he completed his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Engineering. Joined Sony in 2000. Worked on recommendation technology and image search technology development. Joined Zeta Bridge in 2006. As manager, launched an image recognition project. In May 2010, founded Piascore, Inc. (formerly Plusadd, Inc.) and took up the post of CEO. Recognized as a “Super creator’ in 2010 by the Information-technology Promotion Agency's "Exploratory IT Human Resources Project."

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