Langley, British Columbia – Behind The Mask Pictures is running two contests that’ll supposedly change the lives of their winners, the first one for a story and the other for a lead actor in a movie, in a move that innovatively undermines the Hollywood machine and brings true entertainment from the masses.

The entire contingent of Behind The Mask truly believes that the traditional way of doing films as is the case with Hollywood has had its day. What people now see is a constantly recycled stuff that’s horrendous and unsatisfactory, to say the least. But, they believe the stories are still there, and it lies with the billions of people living all across the globe. That’s why they’re holding this contest whereby the story that they feel is the very best, and is worthy of being turned into a film will be done as such. The winner shall receive a total of $1000 in cash, but the main thing about it is the person shall receive the full credit as the ‘Creator’ in both the opening and closing credits of the movie that is eventually made. Behind The Mask is welcoming any kind of story out there with additional freedom stating any kind of themes, message, location, etc. are included.

The second contest will involve selecting, again from the general masses, a single person who is the most capable of playing the lead part in the movie. It’s a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually star in one, and that’s what is exactly at stake here. The format is by the way of YouTube Video Audition. People just need to go on to the Behind The Mask website and select any part or character to prepare for the audition tape. Then, they need to record themselves playing that particular part and deliver a performance that is worthy, which is ultimately uploaded on YouTube. The final act involves sending the link of the video to Behind The Mask. Both the director and producer will be deciding the outcomes of both these contests, and the contest will continue to run until the end of January 2020.

There would also be online voting polls to determine the outcome of stalemates upon social media, and it will certainly be a revolutionary ordeal. The official Behind The Mask website is at, and there is the full availability on it whereby people can actually participate.          


Jessica Jones’ background was in the theater, and from that she has seen some serious success in the entertainment business. She has focused completely on writing, and has, in fact, published 9 different books. Her scriptwriting career has seen one getting accepted to be turned into a documentary feature, while another has been considered by a major actor and two different producers down in Hollywood. She has also directed and starred in two seasons of a live TV Show. Her main aim is to veer away from the way Hollywood does business and insisting the people and their outlook matters at the end of the day. That was the whole motivation for creating Behind The Mask Pictures.   

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