[PRESSWIRE] Indianapolis, IN – 06 February, 2017 — In 2006, artist Russell Young photographed underdog presidential candidate Barack Obama. Young created screenprints based upon those photographs, screenprints which remained in Young’s archives until January 2017 when he was contacted by gallery owner Rhonda Long-Sharp. Together they launch the renamed “Obama Legacy Portrait Series.”

“People will debate the importance of Barack Obama’s actions as the 44th US President for years, but beyond debate is his legacy as the first person of color to be the leader of the free world.” Long-Sharp said.  

Long-Sharp, who grew up in a multi-racial neighborhood, was inspired recently when she heard it expressed that there are children who have only known a Black president.  

“I can’t get that thought out of my mind.  It renews daily my faith in this country and its people — no matter the difficulties we face, justice and fairness will prevail so long as we work toward them.” 

In honor of this legacy, 25% of the purchase price from the “Obama Legacy Portrait Series” will be donated to a charity the Obamas supported.  

According to their 2015 tax returns, the Obamas donated to multiple charities of diverse goals, concepts, and missions, including:   The Red Cross, Aids United, Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude’s Hospital, and Calvary Women’s Services.  

Honoring the Obama legacy, each collector will select a specific charity from the list to which the donation from their purchase will be made.

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