Cyndi Recker’s Book Reaches #1 International Best Seller

MESA, AZ, April 08, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — On March 29th Cyndi Reckers Re-Launched Her Book “The Cleaner Planet Playbook: A guide to being a helpful human on Earth”. The book became A #1 International Best Seller.

Do you want to have better health and live in a cleaner environment?

And don’t we all want that for our children?!!

If you do, you are not alone. Research shows that sixty to eighty percent of people want to achieve better health and live on a cleaner planet, yet don’t take action? One reason is that change is hard and it may be difficult to know where to start.

Breaking down big problems into small steps is a proven way to make progress towards a goal. The Cleaner Planet Playbook breaks down health and environmental problems into four key areas of your life: food, body, home and lifestyle. How-to steps are given to defend against a problem or proactively change habits to improve our future.

The plays in this book help you:

Identify your sustainability priorities and take action immediately.
Eliminate foods, personal care products, home furnishings and bad habits that hurt your health.
Change your daily choices to help improve the environment.
Once you adopt these clean plays, you will transform your health and take action toward a cleaner planet. From communities, clubs, the classroom or the boardroom, we all can own our own impact to create lasting changes that collectively become greater than our own individual efforts.

Help the planet while helping yourself

Cyndi said, “Doing your part doesn’t have to be hard. You can do something as simple as changing your search engine to Ecosia and have every search plant a tree.”

“If each of us just did one little thing, think how much better our world would be.”, Steve Kidd, host of Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show.

You can get your copy on Amazon today –

Cyndi, a satellite systems engineer by trade, works with the latest technology to give her customers the most advanced in-air connected experiences. She breaks down big challenges into more achievable parts, resulting in innovative solutions.

When not engineering satellite solutions, Cyndi campaigns for healthier personal lifestyles and more sustainable environmental practices. She is the author of The Cleaner Planet Playbook, a certified Group Fitness Instructor, and a Health Coach who loves to motivate and support others on their journey to health.

Cyndi’s goal is to improve people’s lives by teaching them sustainable practices that benefit both their health and the environment.The Cleaner Planet Playbook helps you take small steps that create big impact.

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