Victoria Napolitano becomes a victim of stalking and decides to alter her fourth novel to one that delves more deeply into the members of her protection team.

NEW YORK, NY, November 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Victoria Napolitano is proud to announce her third and fourth novels, “Midnight In Florence ” and “THE DETAIL”. Her new novelette “THE DETAIL” is based on true events featuring Victoria Napolitano’s actual protection team. In order to protect their true identity, their names and faces are changed in the book. Victoria Napolitano has been quoted to have said, “The characters, Dante Manetti and Alessio Scopelliti are based on an actual elite protection team.”

Victoria Napolitano had been planning to write about a female chauffeur when an unexpected and unwelcome stalking incident occurred, which shook her to her core.

Napolitano states, “It took time for me to really comprehend I was actually being stalked by this man.” Consequently, due to the feelings evoked by this incident, she felt compelled to put her thoughts and feelings into words. Writing had always been her most effective way of confronting difficult emotions and coming to terms with them, so she had no other choice but to sit down and write about her experience.

Napolitano has written the screenplays for her novels and will invite executives from streaming services to demonstrate how her turnkey series, featuring books, merchandise, and tours, could create a lucrative film deal with companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Google, as well as other production studios. Victoria also hoped to gain the attention and corporate sponsorship of Google, having donated numerous hours and images to Google Maps, and earning a spot in the top 10% of photographers with over 54 million authentic views of her work.

Victoria Napolitano has adapted her novel, “Midnight In Florence, into a novel and 8-part series entitled “THE DETAIL”. Florentine expert, Danilo Ceri will be guiding ours featuring both “Midnight in Florence” and “THE DETAIL”. Tourists will have the opportunity to visit the sites featured in the book, which is slanted to be adapted into films.

Tickets for the 2024 guided tours are available now for purchase on

The Victoria Napolitano Group, founded by New York-based designer Victoria Napolitano, is situated at the renowned Madison Avenue in Manhattan – the epicenter of the fashion capital of the world.

The international fashion house and multimedia company is equipped with a wide variety of divisions, such as luxury fashion and lifestyle, aiming to meet the needs of the heterogeneous clientele it caters to.

Victoria has established herself as an award-winning haute couture designer due to her incredible and intricate one-of-a-kind creations. Her designs are further enhanced by stories and musical accompaniments, immersing viewers into a complete sensory experience.

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