The true story of a boy, a friend, and a fish– and how it led to many more incredible fishing expeditions!

MAGNOLIA, TX, July 06, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Do you like to fish? Would you like more adventure in your life? Follow along as author Debbie Pietsch creates a series of books about true, unique, and awesome fishing encounters.

When he was just learning to read, Debbie’s son Derek colored a picture titled “Swim with Fish.” She had no idea back then where that colorful picture would take them. God has a plan for each person, and Derek’s gift is fishing.

Even as a young boy, Derek always gently handled the fish he caught as if he were speaking to them. One day, Derek caught one of the biggest catfish he had ever seen. That same day, he also saved a life. What an amazing adventure for him and his friend Paxton!

Debbie has enjoyed watching her sons fish and seeing how their passion has turned into a lifelong journey filled with opportunities to learn patience, meet friends, and help others.

As a valuable asset that has already received glowing reviews from families across the US, this illustrated book will bring a smile to your favorite child or fisherman. “Swim With Fish” is written for those who appreciate the peacefulness of nature, and the beauty and excitement that comes from fishing adventures.

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