Every technology has its own benefits and drawbacks for students and mobile phone is one of them. In this world, mobile phones play a crucial role in everyone’s life. But when we talk mobile usage for students then there are pros and cons of it. Students can improve their knowledge using mobiles as well as they can spoil themselves. Everything depends on the type of usage.

Benefits of Mobile Phones:
1.) Useful in crises:
Mobile no tracker came into existence for their need for emergency purposes. In an emergency, if students have mobiles then they can easily contact their parents. For example, if a student has some issues in school, or on the way coming back to home after school, he/she can get in touch with their parents immediately. Similarly, a student with a phone can contact police in an unsafe situation. So, mobiles are one of the best solutions for any emergency situations.

2.) One can clear doubt as soon as it arises:
When you get any doubt on the subject, what you will do? In the 1950s or 1960s, students wait until they meet their teacher or friend. But 2015s students straightaway make a call to friend or teacher or even use the Internet for solving any doubt. How easy is life now right?

3.) Get the latest news of world:
Earlier people used to listen to news on radio and wait for newspapers for news. But nowadays trend changed and even little school kid knows latest news update about what’s happening. Nowadays more searches come from mobile devices than PCs and laptops. This simply indicates students with mobile phone use their device for searching news and other useful stuff and get to know what happens around the world.

Drawbacks of Mobile Phones:
1.) Playing games every time
Student’s age is a kind of playing age. Even though they focus on their subjects their mind goes to play stations, Xbox, Wii, Computers and Mobile phones. Nowadays lots of students who hate everything other than mobile phones. They love mobiles and playing games on it. So, what will happen if students having an own mobile phone? Simply they will play games all time and waste their time. But if they play games once in a while, then it’s totally fine.

2.) Sleepless nights:
Nowadays students play games and make themselves busy on social media and stay awake late night. Most of the student choose to play at night in bed and not sleep in time. Because at that time no one would disturb them. So they play till 2 or 3 in the early morning unless parents come and shout them to sleep. Some students choose the sleeping time for chatting with friends. Chatting also makes them sleep at very late. Next day they get tired which doesn’t make them too.